1. Furoma Rift

Power Type: Rift
Minimum Rank: 15granddukeGrand Duke/Grand Duchess
Minimum Recommended Trap: Focused Crystal Laser
Objectives: Get the Mynorca Trap / Get the Attuned Enerchi Induction Base
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?


The Rift won’t leave the fabric of reality alone and has breached the Furoma pagoda. This is the first Grand Duke/Grand Duchess area in the game.

Furoma Rift Banner

Rift MakiYour goal is to hunt the masters inside the pagoda, but because of all the rift mist in there, the air is toxic for hunters. Luckily there’s new droid technology that will help you. You need to power a droid to hunt for you on the inside. In the beginning this droid has one battery that you can charge with a mystical substance called Enerchi. To start, you can loot it from the mice outside of the pagoda. You have a second battery, but it’s broken. It needs Battery Fragments to repair it. Charge the first battery, send your droid into the pagoda, and hopefully it can loot some Battery Fragments from the mice inside. Once you run out of Enerchi, start again from the top. Your progress will not be lost if you switch locations. You can exit the pagoda by retreating. This way you will retain about half the Enerchi that you have left at this point.

Dancing AssassinFrom time to time you will loot Enerchi Charms.Enerchi Charm These help in collecting Enerchi, and they will actually work anywhere within the Kingdom of Gnawnia, not just in the Furoma Rift area. You can store as much Enerchi as you want, not just what fits into your battery/batteries. All in all, you can repair 10 batteries. Each one can store more Enerchi than the previous one, but each one also needs many more crafting materials to craft, mainly battery fragments. Each battery also gives you a power and luck bonus when you hunt in the pagoda. In there, each hunt depletes your Enerchi storage, depending on your battery level and if you attract, catch, or fail. Once a battery has been depleted, you move down to the next lower battery and your power and luck bonus dimishes. When you run out of Enerchi completely, your droid has to leave the pagoda and you are kicked out.

Furoma Rift Pagoda Banner

Obviously the mice inside the pagoda are tougher than the ones on the outside. Especially the different masters and the masters’ masters are incredibly tough. Hence it is a good idea to wait til you have sufficient battery auxiliary power to take them on, and not waste your cheeses. However, there’s the Enerchi Induction Base which you will want to get asap.Enerchi Induction Base You need to catch one of each masters, Claw, Fang, and Belt. Try for them as soon as you have the cheese. This base will help you in collecting Enerchi faster. It’s not as strong as other bases you might have bough, so switch to a stronger base when you’re going for masters again.

Rift Blossom BranchYour next goal is to gather enough Rift Rumble to score 8 Null Onyx Stones plus as many additional ones as you need in crafting enough Null Onyx Gorgonzola to loot 2 Rift Blossom Branches. With these materials you will be able to buy the new trap and upgrade your Enerchi base. After that, you can concentrate on unlocking and repairing all 10 batteries. And that is all, really. Not so complicated after all. The hyper boss is for those that have nothing else to go for anymore.

Master of the Chi Claw

So the big question is: When do I use which cheese? In my experience, extensive master hunting can be done as early as the 4th or 5th battery. I did use UPCs in the beginning though, so if you don’t have very powerful charms, maybe wait a bit. The catch rate with UPCs and Rift Rumble on battery #6 was decent and allowed me to get all the Null Onyx Stones I needed. I went for the Sensei, but used Ultimate Charms both times. If you don’t have any, maybe wait untilRift Rumble battery #7 to not waste a lot of cheese. This is my own very subjective perspective though, you might experience it very differently. Oh, and at some point, when you’ve unlocked the higher batteries, it doesn’t make much sense anymore to see a pagoda run through all the way to the end when you get kicked out. I usually retreat now when I get down to my second battery, as the catch rate is just not good enough anymore.
Rift OnyxThe rule is that outside of the pagoda you want to use Magical String, if you have it, and inside you want Maki String. Both can be crafted using SB+ (actually, Magic Essence), and A or A and B essences, respectively, from the Living Garden. You need quite a stock of both though to be able to unlock all the batteries this way. If you need to cut something short, I would recommend concentrating on Rift Maki over Magical Essence. Gathering Enerchi with Brie String is a chore, but doable. Good luck!

* Gather Enerchi, then activate your droid and use its battery to hunt in the pagoda. Collect battery fragments.
* Unlock and charge more batteries to get a power/luck boost and more time in the pagoda.
* Craft master cheeses and hunt the bosses of the pagoda. Upgrade your trap and base.


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