1. Meadow & Town of Gnawnia

Power Type: Physical
Minimum Ranks: 1noviceNovice, 2recruitRecruit
Objectives: Buy the Mouse Mary O’Nette and the Wooden Base with Target

Meadow HUD

The first rank you‘ll be holding is that of a Novice. You‘ll start in the Meadow near the Town of Gnawnia and you are given the choice of one of two traps. Since those are more or less identical, it doesn‘t matter which one you choose. You buy some cheese (the more expensive, the better the attraction rate, but the lower the profit) and go on your first few hunts, just to get a feel for it.

sound the horn!

In the beginning the intervals of you being able to sound your horn, that is going on a hunt, are shorter. After a few ranks though you‘ll get to the point where you‘ll be able to hunt once every 15 minutes. It‘ll stay like that for the rest of your game. wooden base with targetThe Meadow is basically an area to make you familiar with the way that this game works. You hunt, you catch something or you don‘t. The Wooden Base with Target is a nice base to maximize your attraction rate, so that even less expensive cheese won‘t fail to attract on too many hunts.

The second rank, Recruit, enables you to hunt in the Town of Gnawnia. Now you could buy Brie cheese. You are also presented with a somewhat wider variety of mice. In these early hunting days Brie is probably not necessary.
To remind you, the rule is: the more expensive a cheese type, the better the attraction rate. This will help you avoid FTAs (Failed To Attract), but at the same time it will eat away at your profit. You have to calculate. What‘s more important to you? Being faster? Or making more gold? During the first few ranks, hunting with Marble is more than ok.Cowardly

There’s a small challenge on the side here where you can go on bounty hunts for a particular breed of mouse and get an extra reward if you catch it. Don’t miss out on it, it’s free gold!

The Trapsmith in the Town of Gnawnia holds a wide variety of traps. Basically hunters go from one to the next better one. If you skip one and go for an even better trap afterwards, you might be able to save some gold. There is really no wrong way here, just buy those you like. You‘ll notice that not only do you need to have the gold to make a purchase, you‘ll also need to fulfill a point or rank requirement to use the trap. You will come back here to buy better traps several times after you’ve moved on to new hunting grounds when you have leveled up. Anyway, once you get the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, you can stop buying traps for a while. But more on that later.


One response to “1. Meadow & Town of Gnawnia

  1. benleeyt

    December 26, 2016 at 7:54 am

    Earning Gold at apprentice rank is best done at Tournament Hall.


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