6. Slushy Shoreline & Iceberg

Power Type: Hydro
Minimum Rank: 11lordLord/Lady
Minimum Trap: Ancient Spear Gun
Minimum Recommended Trap: Oasis Water Node Trap
Objective: Get the Steam Laser Mk. I (if you don’t already have a stronger Hydro trap)
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?


Slushy Shoreline
This area is part of the Gnawnia region. All you have to do to go there is to rank up to Lord/Lady, have at least 25 million points and buy an Icebreaker license from the Cartographer in the Harbour or on the Ship. It costs 145,000 gold and takes an hour to be processed. Don‘t forget to pick it up after it‘s completed.

softserve charmIn the Slushy Shoreline you hunt mice for loot drops. You can get War Scraps and certain crafting materials. To loot the crafting materials, you will have to buy and use Softserve charms. There‘s an SB+ only mouse there, the Living Ice mouse, which also provides you with crafting materials. If you‘re in a hurry, that‘s the way to go.

If your strongest Hydro trap is the Ancient Spear Gun (or something comparable), you may want to put in comparatively little work to loot a few items that will enable you to acquire the Steam Laser Mk. I. Not only is it an improvement, but it also receives bonus stats at the Shoreline and in the Iceberg (if you’re planning on going there soon).

mark I

Before you travel to the Iceberg, you should be ready for it. It‘s a complex area and the mice are not weak. Also, the traps and bases acquired here are either region-specific or easily outclassed by upcoming gear. This makes the Iceberg a rather low priority sidequest in terms of story progression.

icebergYou may want to think about tackling the Iceberg later, once you’ve gone through the Warpath and crafted the Oasis Water Node Trap. (In this case, you can of course disregard everything that has to do with the upgrading of the Steam Laser Trap.)icebreaker license

The Iceberg is divided into different regions. You‘ll have to go ever deeper into it by catching the proper mice. Most mice make you advance a few feet if caught, almost all mice will knock you back if FTC’d. There are some exceptions though, to both rules.

slingerThe first 300 feet of depth is the Treacherous Tunnels. In here, catching Tunnel Rats (Chipper and Icebreaker) will be the fastest way to progress. Then comes the Brutal Bulwark stage, 300ft–600ft. This one is pretty brutal, since the Brute mice (Snow Bowler, Yeti and Mammoth) will knock you back a long way if FTC’d, and will actually knock you back some even if caught. I hope you‘re lucky and don‘t encounter them too often!stickybomberStretching across the longest distance by far is the Bombing Run, 600 ft to 1600 ft. The mice of the Bombing Squad will be helpful to you in the future, but on your first run you‘ll just have to inch your way forward.

In the end you‘ll get to the Mad Depths, 1600 to 1800 ft. Only 200 feet, you might think, no problem after this! But you haven‘t encountered the Zealot mice (Water Wielder and Iceblade) yet. They are pretty tough, knock you back when FTC’d, but don‘t give any progress when caught. The Mad Depths can really drive you mad, progress is very slow there.lady coldsnapBetween every region inside the Iceberg a General waits for you. They‘ll stop your progress until you have caught one. A General, once attracted, will be present for three hunts if not caught, then might switch randomly to a different General. Only after catching one will you pass to the next stage of the Iceberg.

icewingAfter defeating the General at the end of the Mad Depths, you‘ll enter Icewing‘s Lair for a showdown. On your first run through the Iceberg, you won‘t encounter Icewing herself, though. Catch her second in command, however, and you‘ll be able to upgrade your Steam Laser to Mk. II.

Then go through all the trouble that is the Iceberg again from the beginning, and this time you‘ll encounter Icewing herself. Catch her and she‘ll be so outraged that she‘ll smash your trap! But don‘t worry, now you can upgrade it to the Mk. III. Icewing also drops Zugzwang‘s Scarf if you never caught a Dragon.

war scrapsHelpful Stuff
There are a few features to help you with progress in the Iceberg. First of all, the War Scraps you have gathered in the Shoreline can be exchanged for either Sticky Charms or Wax Charms. Those give you a slight power bonus, but also have an effect on Bergling mice. Berglings are all those mice that are not Tunnel Rats, Brutes, members of the Bombing Squad, Zealots or Generals. They are pretty abundant in each section of the Iceberg. Catch one with a Wax Charm armed, and you‘ll advance an additional foot down the Iceberg. Use Sticky Charms and you won‘t get knocked back if you FTC a drillBut don‘t give away all your War Scraps just now, there‘s more! In the General Store, you can buy an Ice Drill. It‘ll come with a few Drill Charges. You can also upgrade that Drill three times. For the first two upgrades you will need to catch Icewing and craft the Mk. II and Mk. III. For the last upgrade you‘ll need Diamond Drill Bits. We‘ll get to them later. All these Drill upgrades cost War Scraps. A lot of War Scraps!

The Drill is quite useful. You can only use your Drill so often before it overheats and will need to cool down until you start your next run. You start out with 5 times, working your way up to 8, one for each upgrade. Of course you‘ll need the Drill Charges to be able to drill. We‘ll get to them. Anyway, you‘ll advance 20 feet per drilling action. Be careful though! Drilling past Generals will skip them and their loot!

bottled cold fusionSo why is it important to catch Generals and not drill past them? Because Generals carry a special piece of loot with them: Bottled Cold Fusion. This can be used to craft Drill Charges, but in the beginning you‘ll want to save it for upgrading your Steam Laser and crafting special Bases.

Once you have caught a General, you cannot be pushed back to the previous section. Not even failing to catch a General will push you back, except if you fail to catch the rare and elusive General Drheller. If that happens you have to first get back to the General stage (he pushes you back 6 feet) before you can try for him again.

spiked baseBases
There‘s one special Base for each section of the Iceberg.

  • The Magnet Base is specifically designed for the Treacherous Tunnels, although it works in the other regions as well. What it does is attract more Tunnel Rats to your trap. Since they make you advance further down the Iceberg than other mice do, the Magnet Base is indeed very helpful.
  • There are no Tunnel Rats in the Bulwark though, so you might want to craft the Spiked Base to use there. It‘ll keep you from getting knocked back if you catch or FTC a Brute.
  • The Remote Detonator Base is used in the Bombing Run. Catch a member of the Bombing Squad with it and it‘ll give you a bonus on progression that even outclasses the progression you make when catching a Tunnel Rat.
  • The Hearthstone Base is used in the Mad Depths. It helps repel Zealot mice.

iceberg hudChests
Not only is the progression of depth in the Iceberg shown to you, but also the hunts you’ve taken are counted. That‘s why you should use Gouda or SB+ here, not Brie or anything else, if you want to try for the bonus loot anyway.

You see, there are bonus Chests floating around the Iceberg in the ocean. Stopping the invasion gets you the Chest(s). If you take too long, the Iceberg will smash the Chests. There are three, and it is unlikely that without the Steam Laser upgrades, the Drill upgrades and the special Bases, you‘ll get them all on your fiIceberg Treasure Chestrst run.

They are not necessary (except for one single thing), but they contain a lot of helpful stuff. And sooner or later you‘ll have to get through the Iceberg in under 275 hunts so you can get all three Chests. The first Chest, which is smashed at hunt #275, contains the Diamond Drill Bits you‘ll need for the last Drill upgrade.

Don‘t worry though, you can get through the Iceberg even if all three Chests are smashed. The only thing you can‘t do at that point is catch Icewing, but since she‘s not even there on your first run, it doesn’t matter. And once all the Chests have been destroyed, a usually rather rare mouse will appear in large quantities, the Living Salt mouse, helping you to progress through the Iceberg even faster.

Leaving the Iceberg will NOT reset your progress. Once the first Chest is smashed, you can retreat and start from the top if the run isn’t going according to plan. There‘s a button for that.iceblockDeep Run
Once you crafted all the Iceberg equipment, you might want to try for the Deep Mouse. First you will have to craft the Deep Freeze Base and use it to catch Icewing in under 250 hunts. Using this base keeps you from being ejected from the Iceberg after Icewing is caught. Afterwards you can switch bases again. The remaining hunts up until hunt #250 is the time you’ve got to get through the now open Hidden Depths, which take up another 200 feet of the Iceberg. At the end, the Deep Mouse is waiting for you if you make it in time. If you’ve made it to the Deep Mouse in under 250 hunts but can’t seem to catch it, don’t worry. Upon hunt #250, it is a guaranteed catch. (Use SB+ though, because if you fail to attract it on that final hunt, all your work was for nothing!)

There are certain strategies that may help in catching the Deep Mouse. One of them is to use a Cold Fusion Bomb to terminate your run if it‘s not going according to plan. That way you don‘t have to wait until you can retreat, which, as you may remember, can only be done after hunt #275.

Using SB+ is obviously tremendously important to avoid FTAs. Drilling past Generals may save a lot of time. Most hunters actually use their drills to get through most of the Mad Depths, and drilling past the final General, will drill straight into Icewing’s Lair! This has proven to be the best use of the drills during a Deep run.
However you try to handle it, catching the Deep Mouse needs a certain amount of real life luck and/or a huge amount of expensive resources. Only go for it once you feel you are prepared, otherwise you might get heavily frustrated.

* Get the Icebreaker License, gather loot at the Shoreline and craft Steam Laser Mk. I.
* Fight your way through the Iceberg. Catch Icewing.
* Upgrade your Laser and your Drill. Craft the Bases.
* Go for the Deep Mouse once you have all the equipment.


25 responses to “6. Slushy Shoreline & Iceberg

  1. Jon Shinder

    April 28, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    excellent info very well done thumbs up

    • MozKa

      April 29, 2014 at 5:48 pm

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Sam

    June 1, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    So, if I have the chrome phantasmic oasis trap, that would do better than even steam laser Mk. III in this location right? so should I just use the chrome all the way?

    • MozKa

      July 25, 2014 at 6:17 pm

      Definitely! Even POT is already superior to Mk. 3 in the Berg as far as I know 🙂

  3. Waihong

    September 13, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    I’m a Duke and have RST and Dept charge base. Do I still need to craft all these equipments?
    Which piece of equipment is mandatory if I wanted to go for Deep mouse?

    • MozKa

      September 16, 2016 at 3:01 am

      With the Rune Shark you have a trap that’s probably (without checking right now, cause I’m lazy 😀 ) better than Steam Laser Mk. 3, even with that trap’s Iceberg bonus, so that you wouldn’t need. However, I’d still recommend you get the Iceberg Bases, since they are highly area-specialized and make Iceberg runs, especially Deep runs, much more successful. You will definitely need the Deep Freeze Base, because otherwise you can’t unlock the Hidden Depths. But the other bases are very important, too: Magnet Base helps in attracting the mice that give you the greatest progression, that’s pretty vital if you want to be quick. Spiked Base keeps you from getting knocked back, and no Hydro trap is strong enough to never FTC the Bulwark mice, so you’re going to want that. Remote Detonator Base gives you a huge progression boost for certain mice, again, something no trap can do. Even if your catch rate was perfect, this bonus is too good to not get. And finally, progression, even with the best of traps, is incredibly slow in the Mad Depths, so Hearthstone can make that final area a lot less painful. Of course, you are encouraged to drill through most of the Mad Depths anyway, so Hearthstone is probably the one base you don’t necessarily need for a Deep run.
      But to be honest, I don’t see how anybody could do a successful Deep run without at least 4 of the 5 Iceberg Bases. I don’t think that would be possible, unless you go all out on charms and use Ultimate Lucks for the entire run. So do yourself a favour and get these bases before you attempt a Deep run. That would be my advice.

      • Waihong

        November 9, 2016 at 4:50 am

        Recently completed and caught deep mouse. The bases are mandatory (except the one for mad depth – since I drilled). Used SB+ plus Halloween aura and gold shield. Caught deep at hunt#240.

  4. David

    August 15, 2017 at 6:05 am

    You mention drilling past generals. Not a good idea.
    Generals move you 50 while a drill moves you 20.
    No mention of catching an icewing with the chest available.
    Catching an icewing drops a chest and zugzwangs scarf. “If you have not gotten it from dragon chest.

    • MozKa

      August 16, 2017 at 11:19 pm

      In the guide I explicitly say to be careful NOT to drill past generals or you’ll miss their loot. Drilling past generals is just a suggestion further down the line. There aren’t many times I’d do it, except when you’re on a Deep run and in the Mad Depths. I would certainly drill past the last general there.

      Generals don’t move you 50 feet, only Drheller does that, and he’s super rare. The other generals move you 4, 8, and 12 feet respectively. All less than 20.

      Again, as I said on your other comment about the scarf, no, I didn’t mention that, because, as you said yourself, it’s in the adventure book and on the wiki. Easy enough to find for people. If you want a guide that tells people EXACTLY what to do, step by step, with no thinking involved, there are other guides out there for that, like Spheniscine’s guide.

  5. Joshua Willmot

    August 30, 2017 at 10:48 am

    hi there if i have the ultimate iceberg base, what would i do differently besides not needing to craft those other bases?

    • MozKa

      August 31, 2017 at 11:53 am

      Just that 🙂 Use the ultimate base and never use anything else while in the berg.

  6. Braggadar

    January 30, 2018 at 5:31 am

    No mention of wax / sticky charms (e.g. which charm at what depth might be a better tactic)?

    • MozKa

      January 31, 2018 at 3:27 am

      I do mention Wax and Sticky charms in this chapter, I say exactly what effect they have 🙂 I don’t want to dictate the way people play the game too much, that’s also why I don’t tell people which setup to use. There are other guides for that. My guide is supposed to teach people how to figure these things out themselves.

  7. Suchet

    February 3, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Hey , firstly this is an awesome guide and thank-you for making this guide. I’d just like to tell you that with the recent LE golem guardian trap and base equipped with wax charms you can get all the three chests in your first run in the iceberg. And also you need a significant amount of luck to get dhreller but its possible since he was the first general i caught. I would also like to say the same about shelder since i caught him within 10 hunts in his location. I just think a lot of luck is needed in this game:)

  8. jojeesusfreak

    August 11, 2019 at 12:30 am

    Hi Mozka! I’ve come back from a five year hiatus. and now Duchess. I have to go back some stages to catch the ones that were added while i was not mousehunting and the Ss&I are the first i chose to tackle. If I already have an oasis node (which ill use at the shoreline to rack up parts/loot). do i still need to buy the laser and eventually upgrade the drill for the iceberg? Or is the waternode enough? Sorry if my questions sound stupid but im just 3hours in and the hiatus has me all confused 🙂

    • MozKa

      August 11, 2019 at 3:57 pm

      There are no stupid questions! 🙂
      If you already have the Oasis Water Node Trap, you won’t need the Steam Laser trap. The latter is a little more powerful in the Iceberg due to a location bonus, but you should be able to get through with the OWN alone if you choose to. However, you should definitely get all the Iceberg bases, as they really make a difference there! And the Iceberg drill is also recommended, mainly for Deep runs. You can do Deep runs without drilling, but I think you’d first need a much stronger Hydro trap to pull that off.

      • Jennifer H.

        January 23, 2020 at 2:13 pm

        How do you get all the cold fusion bottles for the bases? You need to get a general for their loot and by that time you’ve made it through the tunnels.

        • MozKa

          January 23, 2020 at 10:40 pm

          Sure! The Iceberg is about repitition! You do multiple runs to gather crafting loot. During these runs you will not be able to get all the chests. At some point you can craft all the stuff that helps you do a run in under 200 hunts or so. And once you finally have everything, you can take on the Deep mouse as the final boss.
          That’s kind of what Mousehunt is about 🙂 You need to do the run to get the loot that you need to craft the stuff in order to do the run … and so on and so on.

          • Jennifer H.

            January 24, 2020 at 12:30 am

            Thank you! You should that on the iceberg section that you may have to go through multiple times before you can craft everything you need to. I’ve read every walk through I can find and no one says that. They all just say “craft the bases” and go! Was racking my brain trying to figure out how to craft everything first. lol I got through the first tunnel but everyone says to craft that spike base before you go through the next section and I can’t! lol

  9. Teddy

    May 13, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    Hi! Returning player from 2010, I got recruited to do a map that requires a frostlance guard. Is it absolutely insane to attempt this with my Double Diamond Adventure + Magma Base?

    • MozKa

      May 15, 2020 at 1:31 pm

      Since it’s relatively easy to get the Steam Laser Mk. I at the Slushy Shoreline, and since it’s more powerful and gets a bonus in the Iceberg, I would put in the time to acquire it.
      But even with it, I don’t think you’ll make it to Icewing’s lair on your first or even second attempt if you don’t put in the time to craft the Iceberg-specific bases and maybe even get the drill charges.
      It’s been a while since my first Iceberg runs, so my memory is not the freshest when it comes to that. But I think with that setup, you may not end up reaching any Frostlance Guards during your first attempt(s). I’d leave that to someone else if you can.

      • Teddy

        May 18, 2020 at 4:15 pm

        Happy to report after 450 hunts (hahaha) with Gouda, I was able to nab the frostlance guard! Relied heavily on sticky charms and used all 5 of my drill charges but it happened 🙂

        This guide definitely helped a ton though. Thank you!!

        • MozKa

          May 18, 2020 at 10:09 pm

          lol, sounds like a real struggle, but I’m glad you got him! 🙂

  10. Nicholas Cheng R.Y (@revelatio83)

    May 16, 2020 at 11:41 am

    Thanks for putting in so much effort and maintaining this website! I just restarted recently (played since 2009) and realize there is so much to catch up! Requirements seems a lot easier though! =D

    • MozKa

      May 16, 2020 at 1:19 pm

      Thanks 🙂
      Yeah, compared to back in the day (I started in 2010) things have certainly picked up! A lot more areas to hunt in, even for comparatively lower ranks, so many charms, and all in all easier to get most stuff. Makes the game less of a challenge, but progress is quicker, so people don’t get frustrated as much, I guess.


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