1. Valour Rift

Power Type: Rift
Minimum Rank: 16archdukeArchduke/Archduchess
Minimum Recommended Trap: Timesplit Dissonance Trap
Objectives: Get the Celestial Dissonance Trap / Get the Prestige Base / Get the Codex Pages
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

The Valour Rift is here! It is the first Archduke/Archduchess area in the game and a distorted version of the King’s Gauntlet: a tower that seems to repeat its eight floors endlessly.

When first travelling to the area, you land outside the tower. You can hunt here with regular String cheese varieties (best, of course, is Magical String) and collect Gauntlet Elixirs that will enable you to purchase Gauntlet String cheese. You can choose to hunt with regular String in the tower, but Gauntlet String is the only way to attract the very helpful Terrified Adventurer Mouse. It will not only help you in collecting vital loot, but, uniquely, catching it propels you up the stairs of the tower by twice the amount of your current speed. Gauntlet String also seems to attract fewer of the tougher mice.
Another helpful item is Champion’s Fire, which will double loot inside and outside the tower, as well as increase your steps inside by +1.

At the beginning, your Speed is 1, your Synch is 40 (meaning you have 40 hunts before you are thrown out of the tower and have to start again from the beginning), and your Siphon is 5. The latter helps to keep you in synch with the tower after catching Eclipse mice. When you do, the Siphon number is added onto your existing Synch in the form of additional hunts that you get before being thrown out of the tower.
Your initial goal is to loot materials to increase all three of these features, namely Tower Sigils, later Tower Secrets, and then Fragments of the Eclipse. You can upgrade these features while inside the tower. My advice is to use your first upgrade for Speed, the second for Synch, and then go from there and pick your favourite feature.

The higher the floor you reach, the more of a reward you get after your run is over in the form of a Floor Cache. Additionally, you can unlock powerful Augmentations by reaching higher floors that will further help you in increasing your rewards. However, these Augmentations will cost you when you want to use them, and they are not automatically selected! When you start a run, you have to CLICK them to activate them! This is easy to miss, so pay attention if you decide to run with them. You can use multiple Augmentations at the same time.

Once you get to Floor 25, you will be able to unlock the Ultimate Umbra. With the help of Fragments of the Eclipse, the Umbra can be activated. That way you will be able to face the Total Eclipse and collect Cores of the Eclipse. With these you will be able to acquire the powerful Celestial Dissonance Trap. There is a new base as well, the Prestige Base, whose stats are dependent on the number of the highest Umbra floor you have reached and how many Eclipses you caught on that Umbra run. This base can potentially be very strong, and it works everywhere in the kingdom! The final use for Cores of the Eclipse are Codexes of Valour that will permanently give your trap bonuses for different power types.

You may have to stick around here for a while to acquire everything there is to get, but it will be worth it!

* Gather Gauntlet String Cheese outside the tower (or not).
* Climb the tower and collect Sigils and other loot.
* Upgrade features and unlock augmentations.


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