12. Furoma

Power Type: Tactical
Minimum Rank: 7grandmasterGrandmaster
Minimum Recommended Trap: Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
Objectives: Craft the Ambush Trap / Loot an Onyx Stone

furoma HUD

After your brief visit to the Training Grounds, you are now ready to challenge the Furoma mice in earnest.Master Fang Your first stop: the Dojo. Your goal is to catch one of the three types of student tokenStudent mice that train here: Belt, Claw, and Fang. These mice drop Student Tokens used in crafting the cheeses which attract the Masters in the Meditation Room. Don‘t worry, there aren‘t any other mice up there that can munch away at your valuable crafted Master cheese.

Craft enough of these to catch one of each Master. These drop Master Shards, again: Belt, Claw, and Fang.

master shardsCombine one of each of the Master Shards to get the Master‘s Seal, an ingredient used in themaster seal crafting of a superior Tactical Trap called Ambush Trap. The Blueprints for this Trap are obtained from a Hapless Mouse in either the Meditation Room or the Pinnacle Chamber. Technically you hapless mousecan get them in the Dojo as well, but the former two locations don‘t feature any other mice that are attracted to standard cheese types, which makes this endeavor a little easier. It shouldn’t be too hard to get the Blueprints, although they are not a 100% drop. You might have to catch a few Hapless.ambush trap

Once you‘ve crafted the Ambush Trap, you can continue to hunt Masters. Use their Shards to craft Rumble Cheese. When you have a few (they always come in batches of 3) you can use Rumble in the Pinnacle Chamber to catch the Master of the Dojo (also known as Mojo to the community). Prepare for between five to ten FTCs (Failed To Catch), that‘s about the normal amount. Anything less and you‘re lucky!

onyx stoneThe Master of the Dojo mouse drops Onyx Stones. Whatever you do with the rest, absolutely keep one of those! The other Onyx Stones can be used to either craft Onyx Gorgonzola or they can be turned into Unstable Curds, which, when poked, result in different kinds of cheese types, Onyx Gorgonzola being one of them. Usually, higher ranked players will opt for the Unstable Curds method, but they do catch a lot more Mojos than you will at his point. Anyway, there‘s no need to decide right now.

Onyx Gorgonzola is the bait for the final boss mouse in Furoma, the Dojo Sensei (or Sojo for short). However it is not necessary to catch it right now, and it‘s a tough mouse. I mean, really tough! You might not want to waste valuable cheese on it this instant, but return once you own a really strong Tactical Trap. If you go for it, it might drop Blueprints for a powerful Physical trap called Onyx Mallet. It is, however, kind of expensive and as such not worth the gold, since once you‘ll need a more powerful Physical trap you‘ll be presented with one that is even better. Next to the Bottomless Grave the Onyx Mallet is one of the most useless traps in the game, only of value to collectors.

Don’t get confused: several traps can be “chromed”, like Chrome POT or Chrome Sphynx. You can’t buy a Chrome Kit to chrome the Mallet though. The Chrome Onyx Mallet trap is a LE trap that Ronza once brought and that will never return.

master of the dojo5593ed2fc463fc568d447cb91c7343c6


* Enter the Dojo with your Mutated Venus Mouse Trap and collect Student Tokens.
* Craft Master Cheese types and loot one of the three Master Shards each.
* Use them to craft the Ambush Trap.
* Use the Ambush Trap to catch more Masters.
* Craft Rumble Cheese and catch at least one Master of the Dojo.
* Keep at least 1 Onyx Stone for later!
* Only go after the Dojo Sensei if you feel lucky.


2 responses to “12. Furoma

  1. Anthony john walbank

    July 7, 2016 at 11:27 am

    Thanks for your guide. It’s been helpful and fun in doing this level. Happy hunting:-D

    • MozKa

      July 14, 2016 at 2:20 am

      Thanks, and you’re welcome 🙂


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