10. Training Grounds

Power Type: Tactical
Minimum Rank: 7grandmasterGrandmaster
Minimum Recommended Trap: Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
Objectives: Acquire the Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar

training grounds HUD

When you first arrive in the region of Furoma, only the Training Grounds are accessible to you. This is where the local mice receive martial arts training! The more advanced ones pose a real threat! A Physical trap just won’t do it here. If you haven’t bought it already, now is the time to get yourself a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap.

Another trap can be bought here, Zugzwang’s Last Move. However, my advice is to skip it, just like the Bamboozler Base. Both are not worth themonk gold they cost. Pretty soon, you will be able to craft a superior Tactical trap. So why Venus Mouse Trap instead of Zugzwang’s Last Move? Because in a future region you will be able to upgrade the Venus Mouse Trap!

You don’t have to overstay your welcome in the Training Grounds. As soon as you acquire the Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar, you should move on.


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