1. Catacombs

Power Type: Shadow (later Forgotten)
Minimum Rank: 8legendaryLegendary
Minimum Recommended Trap: Ambrosial or Sinister Portal
Objectives: Find the Keeper’s Candle / Acquire the Acronym Trap

scavenger Congratulations, you made it to the rank of Legendary! How about the last couple of regions? Did the Mousoleum and Furoma promise for this game to finally really take off? If you thought so, you were right!keepers candleFrom now on it‘s endless possibilities and exotic mice and traps and all that! Seriously, Legendary is probably one of the best ranks in the game, because from now on a whole new level of depth seems to be brought into the game. At least that‘s how it felt to me back then. Stuff is happening now!

moz mapThe cartographer fixed your Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece. Now you can visit the Catacombs. They are like the Mousoleum … only more frightening! There are Shadow mice here, but a new Power type is needed to really put those new mice in their place, the Forgotten mice. These can be caught with your Shadow trap as they have a weakness to Shadow Type Traps as well, yet it‘ll need something more powerful tOoSo rule them. Luckily the Store in the Cat(acomb)s provides such a trap: the Obelisk of Slumber, your first Arcane Type Trap. This trap can be modified into the Obelisk of Incineration. The difference between the two is marginal, so it‘s not really necessary, although the OoI looks pretty cool, especially with the Dehydration Base! Your choice.

But beware, this is not your normal hunting area! Even with the OoS or the OoI you‘ll be lucky to have anything better than a 50-60% catch rate here! You‘ll encounter a lot of Red Boxes or Pillages from mice. Get used to it! This area is hard for a reason: It‘s there to prepare you for what‘s to come!

But wait, you collected an Onyx Stone in Furoma, still cluttering up your inventory, wanting to be used! All you need to do is collect 12 pieces of Scrap Metal from the mice in the Cats. Oh yeah, you also need about 630k gold … Buy the Blueprints from the Store and craft a weapon that will make the Cats your ideal gold and points farming place for the near future. This trap, also an Arcane one, is called A.C.R.O.N.Y.M., which stands for Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery. This one is a must have for every hunter! acronym As far as bait goes in the Cats, Radioactive Blue Cheese will do nicely here. This might make regular trips to the Laboratory necessary. But there‘s another type of cheese that works here: Ancient Cheese. There are two ways to get it. One is through potion drops from the local mice. Nobody ever gets their Ancient that way though, because compared to the other method Ancient Potions are insanely expensive and will minimize your profits.ancientThe other way is to craft it. Remember whenever you hunted somewhere, didn‘t attract a mouse and didn‘t even get to keep your piece of cheese, because you found it had gone stale? That was annoying, wasn‘t it? Well, now this won‘t seem like such a bad thing after all, because you can craft Ancient Cheese out of Stale Cheese. Sure, the Ionized Salt you‘ll have to use is not cheap, but the mice of the Cats are worth it. Ancient Cheese yields a marginally higher profit rate than RB, plus it attracts more Forgotten Type mice, and those are the ones carrying Scrap Metal.scrap metalantiskele charmThe fastest way to get Scrap Metal is to hunt with Ancient and Antiskele Charms. These repel Skeleton mice, the White mice equivalent among the Forgotten Type Mice. They never drop anything. Those out of the way and the Scrap Metal will pour in. But seeing as Charms are expensive, this is not the most profitable way.
You could also craft Empowered Anchor Charms to sell them on the Marketplace to make a quick extra buck.

I do not recommend working towards the Molten Shrapnel Base (which needs 200 Scrap Metal), because events provide you with even better and also cheaper Limited Edition Bases.keepers candleThere‘s also a new map piece to be found in the Cats, the Keeper‘s Candle, which will allow you to enter the Forbidden Grove.

Another trap can be purchased in the Cats: The Forgotten Pressure Plate trap, the first Forgotten Type trap of the game. If you’re in a hurry to go to the Acolyte Realm and catch the Acolyte, this is the trap to go with. However, you only need to catch the Acolyte once you’re in the Tribal Isles and getting ready for Dragon hunting, so I wouldn’t bother yet. You will get a free and superior Forgotten trap in the Jungle of Dread.

* Get the Obelisk of Slumber from the Catacombs‘ Trapsmith.
* Craft the A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. trap.
* Collect gold, points, and Scrap Metal in the Catacombs.
* Get the Keeper‘s Candle.


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