3. S.S. Huntington

Power Type: Tactical (later Hydro)
Minimum Rank: 8legendaryLegendary
Minimum Recommended Trap: Ambush Trap
Objectives: Buy a Hydro Trap / Craft the Ocean Navigation Kit

Tired of gathering Scrap Metal in the Cats? Made some profits? Acquired a handful of million points or more? Ok, you’ve earned yourself a break and may begin a new project.
Remember being in the Harbour? Did you think about that huge ocean behind the bay? Well, you‘re about to set sail across it! Doesn‘t that sound fantastic?!
First of all you‘ll obviously need a ship. Since those aren’t for sale anywhere, you‘ll have to build one yourself.

This requires a lot of crafting materials. The most important is the Blueprints. Take your Ambush Trap into the Lagoon, equiphydra a fewblueprints pieces of Gnarled Cheese (or Wicked Gnarly if you feel lucky and confident enough to also nab a Silth – chances are slim but it has happened) and hunt for a Hydra. It might take you a handful of Hydras before you catch one who carries the Blueprints, and they are no piece of cake to get your hands on. But by now you should be used to this.

Hydras also drop other stuff that can be used in ship building. But seeing as how difficult they are to catch, most people opt for buying what can be bought in the stores. This is expensive, but it‘s easier to raise the funds in the Cats than to run after Hydras. Once you’ve been on a few hunts in the Lagoon, you‘ll know what I mean.

scrap metalYou‘ll also need 18 Scrap Metal to craft the ship.

All in all, crafting the ship will cost you about as much as the Acro Trap costs, so be sure to save up some gold. Once crafted, your ship will turn into an area in a new region called Rodentia. It will be some time until you can visit the other areas of Rodentia. For now all you can do is sail the ocean on board your ship, the S.S. Huntington.captainYou already encountered a few Hydro mice before, but this time the Aquatic Order comes in full force. It is possible to get through with your Ambush Trap, but sooner or later you‘ll be needing a Hydro Trap anyway. On board the Ship there are two Hydro Traps for sale. They are virtually identical and each one can be smashed and re-crafted into the other trap. Start with any and change through crafting if you think the other one will give you the edge you’re missing. These weapons are incredibly expensive once more, so it‘s probably time to head back to the Cats. You get the picture, this phase of the game is dominated by hunting in the Cats, venturing out for the next couple of steps, then returning to the Cats again to get gold.cannon aquaAnother interesting piece of equipment that is sold on the Ship is the Aqua Base. Get it if you don’t have the Silver Tourney Base or a high luck LE Base yet. Skip the next bases you’ll encounter after Aqua, since they aren’t worth it.

nav kitThe objective of the Ship is to craft the Ocean Navigation Kit, the next map piece. You‘ll need three loot drops from certain mice, a Telescope, a Sextant, and a Compass. Combine them and you‘ll reach dry land once more.

* Get the Ship Blueprints from a Hydra in the Lagoon.
* Craft the S.S. Huntington.
* Buy the Aqua Base from the Ship‘s Trapsmith, buy a Hydro trap if you have the gold.
* Craft the Ocean Navigation Kit.


3 responses to “3. S.S. Huntington

  1. Delaina

    February 26, 2019 at 5:47 am

    I followed your instructions and used the Ambush Trap with Gnarled Cheese, but my catch rate for Hydra is still 0% 😦 I’m using the Pig Jade Base and also have the golden shield.

    • MozKa

      February 26, 2019 at 10:55 pm

      Is the Ambush your strongest Tactical trap? Do you already have a Hydro trap you could use instead? How much time have you spent on this, how many hunts?
      Without this info, all I can say is keep trying and sooner or later it will happen 🙂

      • Delaina

        February 27, 2019 at 3:31 pm

        Thanks for your reply! You’re right! I was trying for about a week and finally nabbed one 🙂 I guess it was just really bad luck on my part.

        Your guide is awesome btw! I would be so lost without it.


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