4. Tribes of the Tribal Isles

Power Types: Tactical / Hydro / Physical
Minimum Rank: 8legendaryLegendary
Minimum Recommended Traps: Ambush Trap / Net Cannon or Harpoon Gun / Digby Drillbot
Objectives: Acquire Horrific Venus Mouse Trap, Ancient Spear Gun, and Enraged Rhinobot / Buy a better Shadow Trap

Cape Clawed HUD

The Tribal Isles is the next region, and a large one it is! It consists of seven areas, although right now not all are accessible to you. The first area is called Cape Clawed. Hunting mice there is not necessary right now, you can advance to the three Tribes immediately, but you should buy a couple hundred pieces of Gouda at the General Store in the Cape. At triple the cost of Brie it is expensive, but a) it is worth it, especially later when you have the right traps, and b) it will save you time.

The General Store has a lot of interesting and exotic stuff for sale. Don‘t worry, you‘ll be using it all in the near future. As for the Trapsmith, skip the Tribal Base, too expensive to be of any use, Aqua will perform just as well. You‘ll notice an array of Shadow Type Traps. See the prices? Save some more gold for later.

goudaFor the time being you‘ll buy some Gouda and visit the three Tribes. They are called Nerg, Elub, and Derr, and each one has their own colour and Power Type. The green Nerg (see it?) mice of the Nerg Plains have to be caught with a Tactical Trap. The blue Elub (see it now?) mice from the Elub Shore have to be caught with a Hydro Trap – this is the point to get one if you went through the Ship area with your Ambush Trap. The red Derr (ok, you see it, right?) mice of the Derr Dunes have to be caught with a Physical Trap.tribal group Hunting the mice of each Tribe will allow you to craft a trap that will surpass every trap you had before in efficiency. There are just two drawbacks to this idea, one being that they cost a small fortune, the other one being that you have to conquer the Tribe first to get the trap to conquer the Tribe with! I know, right?

Usually people start with Nerg, for two reasons:
a) Your Ambush Trap will perform nicely there, and
b) the trap you‘ll get there has the lowest point requirement of the three.

conjurerHead to Nerg, arm Gouda and hunt the Nerg mice. They‘ll drop Savoury Vegetables, which can be crafted into Gumbo Cheese. Gumbo always comes in batches of gumbo thorned vine15 (or 20 when crafted with Magic Essence). Once you have your first batch, travel to Cape Clawed and arm it. Only in Cape Clawed can you attract the Grandfather Mouse. Catch one and it might drop a Thorned Vine. Now all you need is the Blueprints from the General Store and you can craft a Tactical Trap superior to your Ambush Trap, the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap.Horrific Venus TrapLike the Venus Mouse Trap became the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap can be mutated into the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap. Do it immediately! Now you can hunt for more Gumbo to use in Nerg to catch the three boss mice of the Tribe. yellow seedblueprintYou‘ll notice that they drop Yellow Pepper Seeds and the Chieftain also drops a mysterious piece of Blueprints.

Once you‘ve done that, it is time to terrorize the mice of the Elub Shore.

ancient spearYou‘ll do the same things in Elub as you did in Nerg, except that you‘ll arm your Hydro trap and gather Seashells. These can be crafted into Shell Cheese, which in Cape Clawed will attract the Elder Mouse who drops an Ancient Spear. Buy Blueprints, craft Ancient Spear Gun, hunt the Elub boss mice to obtain another Blueprint part and Blue Pepper Seeds.spellbinderDerr is a bit more complicated, since your best Physical trap may still the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. By comparison it’s even weaker in Derr than Net Cannon was in Elub and especially weaker than the Ambush was in Nerg. This is the point where you want to buy a Digby Drillbot in the Town of Digby. And even with that, Derr will seem to you like a nightmare! This place is seriously tough, especially in the beginning. Get used to the sight of Red Boxes. Fortunately, once you‘re through, Derr will become the most profitable place in terms of farming gold for the foreseeable future.drillbotHunt mice for Delicious Stones, craft Crunchy Cheese to use in Cape Clawed, catch Aged mouse to get Rhinohorn. Right? Wrong! Because you don‘t just need one, but four Rhinohorns! The Physical trap obtained here has two phases. It‘s true, for the first one you‘ll need only the one horn. It might be advisable to craft this one before you hunt for the three missing horns, as it‘s better than the Drillbot. This trap is called the RhinoBot. It looks impressive, but it‘s still somewhat weak against the Derr mice. But you can upgrade it to an Enraged RhinoBot. You’ll find it’ll be worth your while!enraged rhinobot

* Collect Savoury Vegetables in the Nerg tribe, craft Gumbo cheese and use it in Cape Clawed to get a Thorned Vine. Craft Horrific Venus Mouse Trap.
* Collect Seashells in Elub, craft Shell cheese and use it in Cape Clawed to get an Ancient Spear. Craft Ancient Spear Gun.
* Collect Delicious Stones in Derr, craft Crunchy cheese and use it in Cape Clawed to get 4 Rhinohorns. Craft RhinoBot and use it to craft Enraged RhinoBot.
* Collect at least 30 to 40 Pepper Seeds from each Tribe.
* Catch Tribe Chiefs to obtain Blueprints.


2 responses to “4. Tribes of the Tribal Isles

  1. crunchm

    February 21, 2019 at 1:36 am

    What about the other areas in the Isles region? I’m kinda at a loss as to what my next adventure should be. Thanks!

    • MozKa

      February 22, 2019 at 11:49 pm

      The Jungle of Dread, Dracano, and Balack’s Cove have their own pages in the guide 🙂 Just check them out and go from area to area as you unlock them. Also, your Adventure Book will always tell you what you haven’t done yet.


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