8. Town of Digby

Power Type: Physical
Minimum Rank: 6masterMaster
Minimum Recommended Trap: Swiss Army Mouse Trap (Enraged Rhinobot for Big Bad Burroughs hunting)

The Town of Digby is an area where there aren’t really any objectives, story-wise. The mouse population of ToD is split. There are those you already know and will catch if you arm your standard type trap setup. And there are those who you will not encounter without that special type of cheese that drew out the Mutated Mole in the Lab: Limelight. You have to craft this kind of cheese. It is not cheap and requires exotic resources. Plus the mice you attract with it are somewhat hard to catch. My advice is: don‘t bother with it for now. You can come back and hunt with Limelight when you have a trap that is a lot better than anything you can get right now.itty bitty

Which brings us to the second interesting aspect of the ToD: the Trapsmith. This shop features a very strong and very expensive Physical trap, the Digby Drillbot. You‘ll need it in the far future, but right now it won‘t do you much good, plus Key to Digbymost likely you won‘t be able to afford it. Saving up for it right now would be a waste of time. On the other hand you should obtain one of the other weapons on sale, one with a weird black icon next to it where you‘d probably expect that little sword. These are Shadow Type Traps and they are a must-have for the next area, the Mousoleum. You’re given a choice of three Shadow traps. (You can find these in the Mousoleum trap store as well.)

The Sinister and Ambrosial Portal are pretty much the same, choose one of them and don’t look back. The Bottomless Grave is better, yes, but it is also way too expensive. It‘s also pretty useless once you know that you won‘t need any of these traps for a very long time to come. This trap is probably the least bought/used in the whole of the game, its only real value is to collectors.

Town of Digby with Limelight
Once you have acquired the Enraged RhinoBot, you can fill in the silhouettes of the Digby Dirt Dwellers. Arm Limelight Cheese and go for it! All the mice are pretty standard, except for two:bbb

a) The Big Bad Burroughs. This is the boss mouse of this area. Even with the best traps in the game it‘s still hard to catch. The BBBs carry different kinds of loot with them, one being especially sought after among collectors: the Monolith Base. It won‘t do you much good since it‘s not a great base, but it‘s nice to get it to complete a collection of rarities and oddities.


b) The Nugget Mouse. This one drops interesting loot, among other things the Digby Drillbot parts. I know what you‘re thinking right now: Couldn‘t I have just caught one of these and saved myself the 400k gold that I spent on my Digby Drillbot? Well, theoretically: yes. The thing is that this mouse is one of the top 5 rarest breeds in the game, and to catch one that also carries the Drillbot parts is like winning the lottery, exactly as exciting and rare. You could try for it, but it’s like digging for gold and coming up empty handed, all the while watching the guy selling the shovels make a fortune.

limelightA small side note: Acronym, and even Ambush to a lesser degree, work in the Town of Digby. If you want to do so, try it. It’s just that usually hunters go there once they’ve accumulated enough gold and Radioactive Sludge to be able to afford larger quantities of Limelight. And since there‘s no real need to visit the town at all, you might as well wait until you own the Enraged Rhinobot.Living Shard


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