1. Jungle of Dread

Power Type: Shadow
Minimum Rank: 9heroHero
Minimum Recommended Trap: Gorgon Trap
Objective: Acquire the Ancient Box Trap

After conquering the Tribes, you may think you’ve earned a break. Well, you won‘t get it in the Jungle! This is an area where a catch rate of 50% is considered good (by medium ranked hunters)! And you will only begin to get to that with traps that are not accessible to you yet.

First of all, the Jungle is a Shadow area once more. You may recall how you‘ve been stoneworkhunting Shadow mice with an Arcane weapon, because your Shadow trap was not up to the task. Bad news: The mice of the Jungle don‘t have an Arcane weakness. It is absolutely vital that you go after them with a Shadow trap.

There are some for sale in the store in Cape Clawed. Which one you go for depends on your funds. Seeing as you don‘t need to be in the Jungle for longer than necessary in the beginning, you can try to tough it out with your Portal Trap. That, however, might get very frustrating. You‘ll have to decide for yourself.

I‘m not even going to talk about Bottomless Grave here, because now you can buy two traps that are even better: the Gorgon Trap and the Clockapult of Time. The Clock is the better one, but it also costs three times as much as the Gorgon Trap, 2.7 million gold!gold

The Clockapult was the best Shadow trap of the game for a long time. Then the release of an even better Shadow trap, the Reaper’s Perch, made the Clock more or less useless (since the price/catch rate ratio was gorgon trapcomparatively way off). With the release of the Living Garden, the Clock was again needed in the making of another Shadow trap, the Clockwork Portal. But then Fort Rox came along and a cheaper trap of similar strength was introduced, the Interdimensional Crossbow Trap.clock

This means that a hunter choosing to buy a new trap for the Jungle should save themselves the gold and go for the Gorgon Trap. Unless, of course, you have unlimited funding!

Once you’ve decided on a trap, the question is how to proceed for bait. When you go into the Jungle armed with Gouda (or, godforbid, Brie) you will only attract Swarms of Pygmy Mice and, once in a while, a Pygmy Wrangler Mouse if you‘re lucky. Both mice drop Vanilla Beans, but those are not a priority right now. You want to go after the terrifying Jungle Mice. There are 6 of those and you will need to catch at least one of havartiTo make things a little easier for you (*sarcasm*), every single one of those 6 mice has its own special type of cheese which attracts it. You craft these cheese types – they are called Havarti – by using the Pepper Seeds you collected in the Tribes.

orange pepperA Plant Pot and 2 Seeds make a Pepper Plant. Since you can either use 2 Seeds of the same colour or 2 Seeds of different colours. You can get 6 different colours of Pepper Plants, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple. After you craft the Plant(s), you can pick the Peppers. You‘ll randomly get between 1 and 5 peppers per Plant. You will need 6 Peppers to craft a batch of 6 Havarti, so this takes at least 2 Plants of each colour.

Don‘t craft away all your Seeds right now though! Just craft enough peppers to make a batch of each Havarti and save the rest of your Seeds for later. Since it‘s difficult to remember which Havarti type attracts which Jungle mouse and what their recipes are, there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking this stuff in the MH Wiki. Trust me, even veterans do so from time to time.

jungle miceYour goal is to catch at least one of each of the 6 Jungle mice. You‘ll notice they provide you with three things: Firesalt, Runic Potions and, most valuably, interesting trap components. Combine these 6 components with the Blueprint pieces you acquired from the Chieftains of the Tribes, plus another piece of Blueprints that can be bought in Cape Clawed, and you will get a new trap: the Ancient Box Trap. Watch the point requirement for this one, though.

It is worth mentioning that during some event you may have already come across another Forgotten Type trap. In that case you don’t need to bother with the Ancient Box Trap. You might still have to go to the Jungle for Firesalt in the future though.


* Choose a Shadow trap and craft 6 different kinds of Havarti cheese.
* Catch 1 each of the 6 Jungle mice (not counting Pygmy Wrangler and Pygmy Mice).
* Craft the Ancient Box Trap.


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