2. Forbidden Grove & Acolyte Realm

Power Types: Arcane / Forgotten
Minimum Rank: 8legendaryLegendary
Minimum Recommended Traps: Acronym Trap / Ancient Box Trap
Objective: Craft the Ice Maiden Trap

The Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realm go hand in hand, because the Grove is the gateway to the Realm. That being said, it is not necessarily recommended to jump right into the Realm as soon as you get a chance.

When you first get to the Forbidden Grove, your objective is to gather Runes, which can be crafted into a new type of cheese, Runic. Be careful though: the Forbidden Grove operates on a unique time schedule. If you want to check its clock, use the MH Timers webpage. You can find the link in the Useful Links Chapter.

In every 20 hour cycle, for 16 hours the Grove is open and you can travel there. For the other 4 hours, however, it is closed and you cannot access it if you haven‘t already traveled there before it closed. Once closed, all the usual mice will be gone and the only mouse left will be the Realm Ripper Mouse. Catch one of these and you‘ll be transported to the Acolyte Realm.gate guardian This is the only way to enter that particular area. (You can travel outside of the 4 hour window if you have a Realm Ripper Charm.) However, Runes are in short supply in the Acolyte Realm, and the reason to be there – catching the Acolyte Mouse – not only requires the Runic Cheese you are in the process of gathering the supplies for, but also a Forgotten type trap. It is possible to catch the Acolyte Mouse by means of your Acronym Trap, but chances are extremely slim. Under normal circumstances that would require hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of Runic. You could buy the Forgotten Pressure Plate trap in the Catacombs, but as you might remember from that chapter, I avised against that. Wait until you go to the Jungle of Dread and get the superior Ancient Box trap.

Catching the Acolyte Mouse
With the Ancient Box Trap at your command, now is the time to try and catch an Acolyte Mouse. The problem is that you‘ll need a lot of pieces of Runic Cheese as well.rune

Hunt for Runes in the Forbidden Grove and craft at least 100 pieces of Runic, 200 to 250 if you want to make sure to get one on your first try. That should be enough, although some people, myself included, needed even more. (That was before we had Charms, though … ) You can also get Runic from the Runic Potions that you probably looted in the Jungle. These are just a more expensive route, and you probably do not have a lot of them.realm ripperTravel to the Forbidden Grove before it closes, catch a Realm Ripper afterrealm the gates have shut, and you‘ll be transported to the Acolyte Realm. Now arm your Ancient Box Trap and Runic. The ABT makes it possible to catch an Acolyte (although a few prior misses is pretty standard), but it has a drawback. Compared to the Acronym Trap, the ABT is pretty weak against all the other mice in the Realm. That is what often makes Acolyte hunting so painful. Good luck!

mysterious boxOnce you are lucky enough to get one, it will drop a Mysterious Box. The contents of these boxes vary, but one thing is for sure: There will be a Frozen Scroll in there. This, along with 60 more Runes, is a vital ingredient for crafting a new trap, the Ice maiden

* Craft Runic cheese and use Ancient Box Trap in the Acolyte Realm to catch an Acolyte.
* Craft the Ice Maiden.


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