1. Dracano

Power Type: Draconic
Minimum Rank: 10knightKnight
Minimum Recommended Trap: Ice Maiden
Objectives: Find Zugzwang’s Scarf / Acquire Balack’s Lantern


With the help of the Ice Maiden you can now try to catch a fearsome Dragon Mouse. Of course you need special bait for this one, the seventh type of Havarti, Inferno Havarti. This is crafted from Inferno Peppers plucked from Pepper Plants crafted by combining one of each of the 3 types of Pepper Seeds. You‘ll need Firesalt as well, which you should have looted from the Jungle Mice. Once again, 6 peppers are needed to craft 6 pieces of IH. This is usually the way people proceed here, crafting a batch of 6 IH and trying for a Dragon, crafting another batch if needed and so on until a Dragon is caught.IHemberBut wait, there‘s something else! Dragons, as well as Draconic Wardens and Whelplings, drop Dragon Embers from time to time. You‘ll need 3 of these, the rest of them you can smash with your Hunter‘s Hammer to get more Firesalt.

You can make Dragon hunting easier by catching more Acolytes and turning their Frozen Scrolls into Dragonbane charms (or buy them directly from the Marketplace). These help in catching, but they don’t render Dragons completely harmless.

dragon chestDragons drop a Dragon‘s Chest with varying content, just like Acolytes do with their Mysterious Boxes. Your first Dragon‘s Chest however has a guaranteed Magic Feather and Zugzwang‘s Scarf in it, your ticket to the Seasonal Garden.

* Craft Inferno Havarti and use Ice Maiden to catch a Dragon mouse.
* If you’re going for it, craft the Molten Shrapnel Base with your first Dragon Ember. It’s generally not considered worth it though.


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