5. Mountain

Power Type: Physical
Minimum Rank: 5journeymanJourneyman/Journeywoman
Minimum Recommended Trap: Swiss Army Mouse Trap
Objectives: Buy the Charm Conduit / Find the Laboratory Map Piece

Mountain HUD

In the Mountain area, you are able to buy a Charm Conduit in the Charm Shop. This means that besides bait, a weapon, and a base, your trap can now also be equipped with a charm. Charms have lots of different and useful features. Most charms will simply improve your trap’s Power or Luck factor. Usually, charms are not necessary in the beginning of the game, and even counter-productive in that they negatively impact your profit (if you have to buy them). However, Charms that you get for free are often nice for an area that‘s a little tougher. Other than that you have to do the maths again, being faster by having a better catch rate, or earning more gold? Only you yourself can answer that.

You can also craft Charms, although in this early stage you probably won‘t have all the ingredients necessary. On the other hand, Orbs that you can loot from mice may be sold on the Marketplace to other players, making it easier to accumulate enough gold for the next trap purchase.

mountain mouse

Chedd-Oreabominable asiago

In the Mountains, hunting is not as straight forward as in the earlier areas. There are a few mice that are not attracted to standard cheese types. Instead, you need to use Power Charms of varying strength to destroy boulders and gather Chedd-Ore cheese. The more powerful your charm, the easier it is to crack rocks with it. Use Chedd-Ore to attract new mice that drop Faceted Sugar and Iced Curd, loot which will enable you to craft Abominable Asiago. This is the only type of cheese that attracts the Abominable Snow Mouse! Catch him and you’ll be able to move on to a new region, the Burroughs region!


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  1. s

    September 30, 2018 at 10:13 am

    This needs to be updated

    • MozKa

      November 17, 2018 at 3:41 pm

      It does! I’ve been very busy these last few months and have neglected the guide somewhat. I will try to update it soon 🙂


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