1. Gnawnia Rift

Power Type: Rift
Minimum Rank: 13countCount/Countess
Objective: Get the Crystal Tower Trap
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

Crystal TowerA rift has torn through the fabric of reality and opened up the way into a weird place made of reddish-purple clouds. The mice resemble the indigenous mice you know from the very first regions in Gnawnia, yet they are altered, as if… well, being part of a different reality. This plane of existence works with a different set of rules. It is like trying to catch the mice in coherence with our regular rules of gravity, only to find out that the mice are used to a completely different set of rules. Even with your strongest traps the mice willRift Guardian give you a pretty hard time.

Nevertheless, you have to go in. Arm your strongest and luckiest Base/Weapon setup, a powerful/lucky Charm is also recommended. The scientists of Digby have had to invent a whole new set of types of cheese to attract the mice in this strange new world. Without the theory of String Cheese, the new area would still be totally inaccessible to us hunters. You can either buy storebought cheese of different types that resemble early Gnawnian cheese types and correspond with their attraction stats, or you can go to the Marketplace, donate or use your Living Garden Essences and Magic Essence in the crafting of the ultimate String Cheese, Magical String. It is similar to SB+ in that it doesn’t FTA and attracts the rarer mice on a greater scale.

Your goal is to gather Riftiago potions to brew Riftiago Cheese. Arm it and you’ll attract another variety of mice that start to drop various pieces of loot. These are ingredients for yet another type of cheese called Resonator Cheese. This cheese type attracts only a single mouse, but it’s a big one! Maybe you’re lucky and will catch him straight away. Maybe you won’t and you’ll need a dozen or two dozen pieces of cheese. In any case, arm the best charms you have! This is no time to try and be brave.Brie String

Resonator CheeseOnce you catch the big guy, you will be able to buy the pretty expensive but also very effective Crystal Tower Trap, the first trap of its kind, sporting the Rift trap type. It will make subsequent hunting in the Rift a lot easier!Goliath Field Thumb

* Travel to the Rift, get any type of String cheese, arm your best trap and base and a decent charm and collect Riftiago potions.
* Use Riftiago cheese to collect various loot drops.
* Craft Resonator cheese and hope for the best. If you catch the boss, you can buy the first Rift type trap.


3 responses to “1. Gnawnia Rift

  1. Nicholas

    December 18, 2016 at 7:28 am

    I think it is important to point out that a hunter may consider going into this area early and grind for Living Base, which would tremendously speed up process in Living Garden Complex, then assisting in getting the Rift Base.

    • MozKa

      December 18, 2016 at 8:03 pm

      Yeah, that could be a way to go.
      One might even skip the Rift Base though, I don’t think it’s that vital, and it’s pretty expensive.

  2. Saku

    December 3, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Rift base is a requirement for the fissure base.


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