2. Windmill

Power Type: Physical
Minimum Rank: 3apprenticeApprentice
Minimum Recommended Trap: Mouse Mary O’Nette
Objectives: Get enough gold and points to buy the Mouse Rocketine in the Town of Gnawnia; rank up to Initiate (same for King’s Arms and Tournament Hall)

Windmill HUD

Now you can go the Windmill. You might have noticed that there are a few mice in the Town and at the Windmill that you can‘t seem to attract at all. They just never show up. That is because in these locations, and in some of the following, some mice can only be attracted by a special kind of bait, SuperBrie+. Except for buying it on the Marketplace from other players or by donating actual money, this cheese is somewhat difficult to obtain through regular game play. But since the mice you can catch with it are not a priority, no harm done. Leave them for later.spottedjpg

flourThere’s a side challenge here as well. By looting packets of flour from the mice and crafting a special type of cheese, Grilled Cheese, you can catch the Captain Croissant mouse. Once caught, looting more flour is even easier.


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