3. Moussu Picchu

Power Type: Arcane / Shadow / Draconic
Minimum Rank: 15granddukeGrand Duke/Grand Duchess
Minimum Recommended Traps: Event Horizon Trap / Temporal Turbine Trap / Blazing Ember Spear Trap
Objectives: Get the Storm Wrought Ballista Trap (and eventually the Dragon Slayer Cannon)
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

Beyond the Labyrinth and the City of Zokor, a secluded region has been found high up in the southern mountains. The mice here have mastered the elements, namely wind and rain, but live in fear of a terrible creature they call the Mountain Queen: a dragon named Ful’Mina.

To be able to reach the mountains you have to catch the Scholar, Fealty, and Tech boss in Zokor and loot a special climbing drop from each. Those can then be traded at the cartographer’s for the new map piece. When you first arrive in these mountains, use your best Shadow or Arcane trap, whichever is stronger, and hunt with regular cheese, SB+, or Gruyere. The latter will get you the most loot, but not all mice are available with it, so you need to switch to fill in all the initial silhouettes. Gather Rainy and Windy potions to craft Rainy and Windy cheese. Once you feel you have a good number of one of those, use the new cheese in order to fill up either the Wind or the Rain meter. Now you are trying to collect Vines, either Shadowvines or Arcanvines. Both are available in the highest numbers when you reached the “high” part of the meter. Collect both of these Vines to craft Dragonvine cheese.

Once you have a good number of Dragonvine, you need to charge both meters at the same time. There are two ways to do that. You can either use Dragonvine, which charges both wind and rain, or you can use either Wind or Rain cheese in combination with a lit fire bowl. Fuel for the bowl can be looted from mice, donated for, bought on the Marketplace, or later traded in for Dragon Scales. When hunting with Dragonvine, you need to use a Draconic type weapon.

Once both of your meters are on “high” you will be able to attract Ful’Mina. The attraction rate becomes exclusive for her if both meters are at 100%. No other mouse beside her will then be available. Ful’Mina is tough, and whenever you miss a mouse, your meters will lose some of their charge. The stronger the mouse, the more charge you lose. The best time to light a fire is therefore at 100% for both meters, because not only does that guarantee a Ful’Mina attraction, it will also prevent your meters from losing charge in the event of an FTC.

And that is really it! Not rocket science, is it? 🙂 The area is a rather passive, transitional region on the way to the Floating Islands. However, Ful’Mina can be quite generous with her loot drops, which is why many hunters have caught her many hundreds or even thousands of times!

* Gather Windy and Rainy cheese.
* Use those to gather Vines and craft Dragonvine cheese.
* Brew up the perfect storm by charging your meters and catch Ful’Mina, the Mountain Queen.


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