3. Muridae Market

Power Type: Physical / Tactical / Law
Minimum Rank: 12baronBaron/Baroness
Minimum Recommended Traps: Enraged Rhinobot / Zugzwang’s First Move / Meteor Prison Core Trap
Objective: Rebuild the Cartographer’s shop and acquire the new map pieces
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

The Muridae Market has been destroyed by rampaging mice. They run around the ruins, carrying with them the building materials for the shops they‘ve torn apart. Catch mice to gather Coconut Timber, Limestone Bricks, and Shards of Glass. The best mouse for that purpose is the Desert Architect Mouse, but this one is SB+ only.desert architectThe Market is not an easy area to tackle, and since you‘ll probably only have your RageBot, it might take you a while to get through.

There is no particular order in which the shops have to be rebuilt, except for the fact that for some you‘ll need Molten Glass, which you can only get from the General Store, so this one has to be first (or at least second) on your list.charm shop

The Cheese Shop is pretty easy to rebuild, and rebuilding does provide 30 SB+ as a reward, a nice upside for your efforts. The standard cheese types available here, which include Gouda (although Brie is good enough to use in the Market), all cost the same as in the Town of Gnawnia.

The General Store makes it possible to exchange materials for other materials, but sadly you can only get Timber for Bricks and Glass for Timber. Those are the only options. You can also get the aforementioned Molten Glass, which uses Shards of Glass and Flameshards. If you don‘t have enough Flameshards at some point, you‘ll probably have to do another Warpath run.flying carpet

The Trapsmith offers a new base, the Papyrus Base. You‘ll notice you‘ll need a lot of Papyrus to craft it. Let me say this: it‘s a hassle to get it, the base is expensive, and you can easily get better LE Bases during event season. I wouldn’t bother.

Here you can also buy two new traps, and if it weren’t for the Warpath I‘d say get them immediately, because they are the strongest Physical and Tactical traps you’ve come across so far. The trouble is that the Dimensional Chest Trap is not worth the gold it costs, compared to your RageBot stats (that is concerning usage in the Warpath and MM). And your goal should be to craft the superior Sphynx Wrath trap anyway (or wait until you can get the Gouging Geyserite Trap in Queso Canyon). Usually people don‘t bother with DCT.

Things are a little different for the Sandtail Sentinel, however. It will give you a somewhat useful boost on your catch rates in Warpath and MM. Of course, it‘s not as good as the Sandstorm MonstroBot, but that one is so incredibly expensive! If you want to hunt for Metals in the Warpath, investing in an SS might be useful for the time being. Or, again, wait until you can get the Smoldering Stone Sentinel in Queso Canyon.desert nomad

The Charm Shop features some interesting charms. First of all, you know that charms (unless free) will always eat away at your profit. But when you‘re in a tight spot and profit isn’t the issue, then use charms from MM, they‘ll make your life much easier. Lucky Power, Super Power and Super Luck are those charms, the last one presumably being the best. You can also upgrade your Warpath Commander Charms to Super Warpath Commander Charms here, which are even more powerful and help in catching a Commander.

You‘ll need 3 Warpath Victories to be able to buy Flamebane Charms, and since those can only be used in the Warpath, which already features a lot of useful charms, these are mostly considered a waste of gold and Flame Shards. Some hunters however like to use these for catching Theurgy Wardens in Wave 4, but those are hunters that don’t know what to do with their Flameshards anymore and have more gold than they can spend. Monger Charms, however, which you‘re able to buy after 6 Warpath Victories, make a Warmonger drop more loot, useful stuff like Ultimate Luck/Power Charms. They do not increase the chance to get trap loot though.artisan charm

Most important for you right now are the Artisan Charms. Only by arming those can you attract the two breeds that carry Papyrus. It‘s still hard to catch them and you won‘t attract them every hunt, so you‘ll need a lot of papyrusArtisan Charms. While you’re collecting Papyrus you‘ll also be looting materials needed to buy more Artisan Charms, so there‘s no need to first gather 100 or so charms before using them.

Papyrus is not only needed to craft the Papyrus Base, but also to rebuild the Cartographer. There you can get the Key to the next areas, the Living Garden, the Lost City and the Sand Dunes.

* Rebuild the Shops of the Muridae Market.
* Get a Key to the Living Garden by gathering Papyrus using Artisan Charms.


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