4. Sunken City

Power Type: Hydro
Minimum Rank: 13countCount/Countess
Minimum Recommended Trap: Phantasmic Oasis Trap
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?


An ancient mouse civilization has surfaced, a Sunken City, from which dives to the depths of the ocean can be undertaken. Down there, truly weird and wonderful, cute and terrifying breeds await. Theoretically you can enter the Sunken City as a Count/Countess, and all you have to do is rebuild the Cartographer’s shop in the Muridae Market. However, I advise to go through the Living Garden first, so you can get the Phantasmic Oasis Trap, or even wait until you have gotten the Queso Fount Trap from Queso Canyon. Although the early underwater hunts are not particularly painful and even your first few dives might be manageable with a weaker trap, you absolutely don’t want anything weaker than POT for the deep ocean zones. And since Queso Fount has made the Shark Traps superfluous, there’s really no rush to get to the Sunken City.Oxygen Canister

When you first arrive at the Sunken City, all you can attract is 3 breeds of mice, 4 if you use SB+ instead of normal store bought cheese types. You have to collect loot drops from the mice, oxygen canisters, and I’m not going to lie to you, this is somewhat tedious. For this and other reasons, don’t try and collect several hundreds of canisters in the beginning. My advice would be to get anywhere between 50 and 100 and then jump into the water.

The mechanics here feature a fact that has made this area one of my personal favourites: for every dive, the zones you go through are generated at random, meaning no dive will be like the other. You are down there and the HUD will tell you what the next couple of zones will bring. You can use a spy periscope to check several hundred meters in advance by clicking on your submarine. The zones that have no coloured dot next to their name are relatively poor in loot drops. Depending on your depth, those are the Shallow Shoals, the Sea Floor, and the Murky Depths. During your first dive you don’t want the Shallow Shoals, you want the regions that are high in loot so you can gather crafting materials for Fishy Fromage. But you don’t really have much choice for now.

Saltwater AxolotlSunken Citizen

Zones are at least 250 meters long. The longer they are, the smaller the chances for them to appear, it seems. Most will end after those 250 meters. For each catch you move 30 meters, each FTC is 10 meters (forward, not back like in the Iceberg) and FTAs don’t move you at all. Whatever the outcome, however, each hunt will deplete your oxygen by 1. Diving costs 10 oxygen. Your process won’t be reset if you leave the area! Resurfacing, however, will! You will not lose the oxygen you still carry once you resurface.

Resurfacing can be a good strategy, at least in the beginning. Imagine you’re down there and looking for loot and a massive Shallow Shoals zone comes up. It is more economical to resurface and redive and pay the 10 oxygen this costs than to lose dozens of oxygen tanks trying to make it through. Of course this will keep you from reaching deeper dive areas with different zones, so it’s a strategy for gathering loot for crafting, especially in the beginning.

You need 3 different things from down in the ocean to craft Fishy Fromage. This type of cheese will help you attract more breeds in the Sunken City when you gather more oxygen for your next dives, which should go a lot faster now. The 3 ingredients are Scales, Corals and Barnacles. There are specialized regions where you can loot one of these materials in abundance:
Scales can be found in the following zones: School of Mice, Mermouse Den, and Lost Ruins.Coral
Corals can be found in: Coral Reef, Coral Garden, and Coral Castle.
Barnacles can be found in: Rocky Outcrop, Shipwreck, and Haunted Shipwreck.
Try and collect as much of these as you can during your first dive(s). If you only get one or two of these crafting materials, try and resurface to have a new random succession of zones generated. As I said above, it costs 10 oxygen, but might be worth it.

Sea DollarThat’s not all that is down there though, not even close! Treasures await, in the Sand Dollar Sea Bar, the Pearl Patch, and Sunken Treasure zones. All 3 crafting materials for Fishy Fromage are looted here in abundance, but most importantly Sand Dollars, which are used as currency in the Sunken City shop.
If you go a little deeper than just hanging around in the shallows, you might be lucky enough to come across an Oxygen Stream where you can loot additional oxygen without having to resurface. In the deepest depths you can find Magma Flows where the mice loot lots of different things, the most interesting being Empowered Anchor Charms.
Careful upon entering the Danger zones! These are the Feeding Grounds, the Carnivore Cove, the Monster Trench, and the Lair of the Ancients. The last two in particular are tough, tough, tough! But loot and points will make it worth your while. Down there, you can loot Predatory Processors, which can be used to craft Ultimate Anchor Charms (which work like Ultimate Charms: they guarantee the next mouse is caught).


There are certain things that can help you once you dive down to the lightless depths of the ocean. Imagine coming across an area you’d like to take full advantage of, for example a Pearl Patch, but it’s only 250 meters long, which is less than 10 catches. You can just arm Empowered Anchor Charms and instead of advancing 30 meters per catch, you will only advance 10! Now imagine the opposite. There’s a 500 meter Shallow Shoals zone with barely any loot in front of you, but you don’t want to resurface and restart your dive. Arm a Water Jet Charm! One catch with these armed will propel you forward a stunning 500 instead of only 30 meters! These are the charms you should get once you want to go seriously deep down and have the resources to do so.
Anchors are also useful for the boss zones. You can use Ultimate Power Charms in the Monster Trenches and Lairs of the Ancients, but using Empowered Anchors is a better strategy. The inferior catch rate will be more than compensated by the fact that whether you miss of catch, you will only move forward 10 meters, thus giving you more hunts and therefore more chances to loot Processors.
If you have loads of crafting materials of two of the three Fishy Fromage ingredients, but you lack the third, you can exchange them for one another at the store. You’ll do so at a loss, but depending on your situation it might still be worth it, for example if you desperately need a Water Jet Charm.

Have fun exploring the deepest depths of the ocean!Ancient of the Deep Silhouette Just … try not to get eaten!


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