My Minotaur Diary

A Minotaur run can be tough. But there are a few things you can do to tip the odds in your favour. Grey is all theory though, as we say in my country. This is where my personal Minotaur Diary comes into play! I take pictures throughout my run and we can discuss it here. Hopefully to mutual benefit πŸ™‚

Diary Run #1 – My big mouth: The run that failed

So far I’ve gone on 6 Minotaur runs. The first one was a bit shaky, because I was new to the concept. But I didn’t have a lot of problems, and it only got easier til run #6, so much so that it seemed like I’d found my routine and had mastered it. When more and more people seemed to struggle on these runs though, I thought about making a hands on kind of guide to help hunters prevail. So when I went on my 7th Mino run, I vowed to document it in detail, so people could learn from my solutions to specific problems. And guess what happened: the run failed! It was totally my fault though! I took an unnecessary risk and paid the price. I wanted to do a run everybody could do, so I kept holding the oil until much later than I should have. Maybe having documented this run is even more beneficial though than if it had succeeded. Let’s analyze it, shall we?

My setup: Endless Labyrinth Trap, Labyrinth Base, Super Power Charms, Glowing Gruyere. I wouldn’t recommend using standard cheeses. I started out with no oil, because I wanted to show that even with using oil only late in a run you could still be successful. I underestimated how late in a run you should start using oil, which proved to be my ultimate demise.
Started the run with a Scholar door. The reason is simple: I was lowest on Scholar crafting materials, so I figured that should the run turn into something else early on I would be on the right track. Here is my first hallway:
01 Hallway 01
Pretty obvious to see that I got 3 Scholar and 1 Dead End Clue.
02 Hallway 01 Clues
For my second hallway I chose the Medium Tech hall. The reason should be pretty obvious: Statistically more clues in a medium than a short hall. This is how it went:
03 Hallway 02
Not so bad, hu? Clues:
04 Hallway 02 Clues
So, off to a good start. Next door. I decided to choose Fealty, because I like to balance the doors out in a run, not go for just one type until I hit 30. The higher your clue count for any single type is, the more likely you will get presented with doors of that kind. And there are the Superior Halls that come into play once you hit 15. So especially in the beginning of a run you should vary the types you choose. In my case though it was very late at night, and only when I woke up the next morning did I realize I had chosen the Tech door by mistake. Nobody’s perfect πŸ˜›
05 Hallway 03
06 Hallway 03 Clues
Still not a bad run. Would have preferred a different variety of door though. But it was still early days and I didn’t feel like using a Shuffle Cube. I was still confident, so I took the Long Tech hall.
07 Hallway 04
08 Hallway 04 Clues
Got a few too many dead end clues at this point though. I think in hindsight this is when I should have started using oil. Naturally I took the Long Fealty hall now.
09Hallway 05
10 Hallway 05 Clues
Had I used oil, I would have been at 18 Fealty clues now, in striking distance of 30 in one Medium or even Short hallway. And with a Long Scholar to go into, that would have been pretty perfect.
11 Hallway 06
12 Hallway 06 Clues
Same result in this hall. With oil it would have been 18/21/21. Could have been done in 3 more halls easily, gathering a handful of Dead Ends on the way and kind of comfortably finish this. I took the Fealty hallway and by now had realised I might have waited a bit long with the oil, so I turned my lantern on.
13 Hallway 07 Oil
Adding insult to injury. This hall sucked!!!
14 Hallway 07 Clues
Wasn’t left with much of a choice, so I took the Medium Tech. My goal was to make it to 30 or beyond. I figured that with 7 or 8 clue catches on average (in my experience) I might make it to 30 almost without any oil, so I started the hallway in darkness. I turned my lantern on after 8 hunts, after the double Dead End.
15 Hallway 08
16 Hallway 08 Clues
Exactly 30! Neat, hu? As it turns out: No, not really. In the end I would have benefitted from 33 clues so that I could have used a compass and still have enough clues.
Seeing as my choice of doors was crappy, I had to opt for the Shuffle Cube now.
17 Schuffle 1
Oooh, that hurt …
18 Shuffle 2
Yeah, not much better. Could have taken the Short Farming hall, but with so many Dead Ends and only 30 Techs instead of 33, I had to keep going.
19 Shuffle 3
Well, at least one option that fit. Obviously I had to turn the lantern on again.
20 Hallway 09
21 Hallway 09 Clues
So many Dead Ends by now … I knew I was in serious trouble.
22 Hallway 10
23 Hallway 10 Clues
88 clues total with 8 and 11 clues away from 30 respectively. Chances of meeting the Minotaur were crashing towards zero fast … And on top of it I had to shuffle again.
24 Shuffle 1
Alright, all or nothing. I needed 11 clues. That would get me to 99. So couldn’t get a single Dead End, and HAD to be the exact number of Fealties. I chose the Plain hall, because with the added possibility of 2 (or 3 with oil) clues for a single catch the Superior hall seemed too uncontrollable. I also switched to Ancient charms.
25 Hallway 12
After the first hunt it was clear that I had failed.
26 Hallway 12 Clues
I could have started using lots of Magnets and Shuffle Cubes now to somehow save this run. But had I done that I might have retreated instead and it would have taken me the same time with far fewer resources. I just wasn’t setup very well, no matter how you looked at it. So I decided to just go for the Long Superior Scholar hall instead, get some Scholar crafting materials (if you remember, I was lowest on those) and start fresh from the top afterwards. I used oil in my Scholar hall and got to 62 clues, so not too shabby in the end.

Conclusion: Ideally your Mino run should not take you 12 or more hallways! The longer it takes, the higher the chances for Dead End clues to build up. So use oil early! If you don’t want to use it from the start, light your lantern once the Dead End clues get to 5 or 6. As you can see here, you’re not doing yourself a favour otherwise.


Diary Run #2 – Redeeming myself: I still got it πŸ™‚

My setup: Just like last time I used my Endless Labyrinth Trap, the Labyrinth Base, and Glowing Gruyere Cheese. Since it was done during the Spring Egg Hunt event, however, I used Eggstra Charms instead of Super Power Charms. The Oil Eggs looted made it sustainable to keep using the Lantern indefinitely.

I started with the Scholar door again, because I was still lowest on Scholar crafting materials, just like last time.
01 Hallway 1
02 Hallway 1 Clues
Quite a strong start. Now, for my second hall, I had to continue on the Scholar path. I could have taken the medium door and with some luck might have ended up with 30 clues already. I chose the short hallway though, because I didn’t want to limit myself to only Tech and Fealty from there on. I wanted to keep the option open of being able to take another Scholar door in the future.
03 Hallway 2
04 Hallway 2 Clues
I wasn’t prepared for this, though! That must have been one of the strangest halls I have ever been in! Still, I felt quite lucky that I avoided a potential sea of Dead End clues! Obviously I continued with the Fealty hall.
05 Hallway 3
06 Hallway 3 Clues
I guess I should have seen it coming … Nice overall number of Fealty clues after this hallway … but way too many Dead Ends! No Tech clues yet and already at 8 red ones! Not a good position to be in. The probability of Compass Magnet usage at some point during this run had strongly increased. At least I had the chance to get my first Tech clues now.
07 Hallway 4
08 Hallway 4 Clues
Now that’s what I’m talking about! Almost up to 30 on Tech clues in one hall! If you look at the greys and the red step in the end, I did have the chance to get to 30, which is what I hoped for, but once I was at my last hunt and it was clear I could only reach 28 at best, I turned off my lantern. The reason: 27 clues instead of 28 would make overshooting one clue less of a problem. Also, with 27, an uneven number, I could get to 33 with oil and then, worst case scenario, use a magnet and still be at 30 for at least one type of clues. That was a possibility I had to consider, because 10 Dead Ends at this stage was definitely not looking very comfortable. I stayed at 26 however, so all this was academic. Next up was Fealty again.
09 Hallway 5
10 Hallway 5 Clues
Another great hall: Through sheer luck I got the exact amount of clues that I needed, and arrived at 30 Fealty clues. Now my choice of doors wasn’t very good though. I had to shuffle.
11 Shuffle 1
Nope, way too risky. Would overshoot way too much for Tech this way. Next try:
12 Shuffle 2
Yes! That’s what I needed. I could get to 30 clues easily, just leaving Scholar.
13 Hallway 6
14 Hallway 6 Clues
Talk about leaving it late! πŸ™‚ Since I only needed 4 clues, I didn’t turn on my lantern, so I wouldn’t overshoot. (I also switched to Super Power Charms, since no Lantern meant no Oil Eggs.) In my experience, four clues in a short hall without oil is definitely manageable. I felt I was pretty much already there when I got three clues from just half the hallway. And then it became a nailbiter! Two hunts before the end I switched to Ultimate Power Charms. I didn’t want to miss a clue mouse in that sort of dire situation. The reason that I turned the Lantern on for my very last hunt was my level of desperation. Some people claim they attract more clue dropping mice when their Lantern is turned on. I can neither confirm nor deny that, but just in case this was true, I tried it. And luckily I succeeded! Phew! πŸ™‚ Of course, this doesn’t prove anything. I didn’t care though, for my run looked pretty good by now.
I would have loved a long Scholar hall though. 8 catches in a medium hall is not unheard of, but risky. What if I got close, but couldn’t get there? Then I would run the risk of getting to 100 clues or more total, which would make my run fail, or have me use a Compass Magnet. And then I would be at close to 30 for each type, yet still pretty high on Dead End clues, making the run even more likely to fail. So I decided to creep up on the 100 by going into the medium Scholar hall, but not turning my lantern on. The chances of scoring 13 clues in 15 hunts, which would get my total clue count up to 100, weren’t very high. I would have to be extremely unlucky to pull that off. I switched back to Super Luck Charms.
15 Hallway 7
16 Hallway 7 Clues
Nice. In striking distance now. I used oil for the last two hunts since at that point it was mathematically impossible to still get to 100 clues. The only problem I had now was my choice of doors. So I had to shuffle.

17 Shuffle 1
Yup, thanks very much! Medium Superior it is.
18 Hallway 8
19 Hallway 8 Clues
For my last hall I usually switch to my Fissure Base, as it is stronger and luckier than my Labyrinth Base, and now it doesn’t matter anymore if I get loads of Dead End clues, if at the same time I can improve my catch rate. I started out with oil, because I didn’t want to take any risks, and turned the oil off once I hit 30 clues.

And there you have it: A successful Mino run πŸ™‚ A bit of a nailbiter once or twice, but hey! That’s half the fun, isn’t it?
I did use a lot of oil, but I think we can safely say that that’s a lot better than failing the run, like I did last time. It doesn’t pay to be miserly during Mino runs. You have to be prepared, and be prepared to spend some ressources. As for Magnets, I avoided those completely this time, and I only used three Shuffle Cubes. I think we can agree that that’s very cheap.

I hope this run helped some of you with tips and tricks, and provided some insights into my strategies. Good luck on your next run πŸ™‚


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