4. Harbour

Power Type: Physical
Minimum Rank: 4initiateInitiate
Minimum Recommended Trap: Mouse Rocketine
Objectives: Get enough gold and points to buy the Swiss Army Mouse Trap in the Town of Gnawnia / Craft the Dehydration Base / Acquire the Calm Clearing Map Piece

Harbour HUD

As an Initiate you can visit the Harbour. A new feature of this region is thepirate General Store. Here you can buy the Blueprints for the first craftable Base, the Dehydration Base, Curds & Whey, and Salt, ingredients to a lot of crafting recipes for the near future. You can also use these to craft White Cheddar. It‘s low in attraction, but it‘s cheap, and it has the added benefit of repelling low-profit White, Brown and Grey mice, so something to think about.

There‘s a sidequest in the Harbour, too. Catch a Pirate mouse and their crew to make the place a little safer. This way you will also loot bits of a map that will open the door to a whole new region.

Harbour Pirate Hunt


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