2. Queso River, Prickly Plains & Canterra Quarry

Power Types: Law / Arcane / Shadow
Minimum Rank: 13countCount/Countess
Minimum Recommended Traps: Meteor Prison Core Trap / Droid Archmagus Trap / Interdimensional Crossbow Trap
Objectives: Get the Overgrown Ember Stone Base / Get the Ember Prison Core Trap, the Scarlet Ember Root Trap, and the Blazing Ember Spear Trap / Get the map piece for the Queso Geyser
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

Beyond Varmint Valley flows a river of cheese through a deep and rugged canyon. Queso Canyon is a region that initially consists of three areas, the river, the plains, and the quarry. (We’ll get to the Queso Geyser later.) You start at the river, trying to extract a new kind of bait from it, Bland Queso, by using a pump. However, the pesky mice of the area will try to sabotage your pump, unless you distract them with regular storebought cheese. After years of Bland Queso, regular cheese is irresistable to them!

With each successful hunt you extract Bland Queso, starting with one per hunt, but your pump can be upgraded. For that you need Nachore from the quarry. Since it is easy to upgrade to level 2, get 10 to 15 pieces of Bland Queso, skip the plains, and use them directly at the quarry. Once you have enough Nachore to upgrade, go back to the river for more Bland Queso. Oh, if you use SB+ here, you will be able to encounter the Sleepy Merchant who drops an extra 5 Bland Queso. Quite useful, especially in the beginning. You will also occasionally loot Wild Tonic, which can be used to double loot drops in any of the three areas.

After your second pumping session, you could go back to the quarry again. But since upgrading your pump now costs even more Nachore, there is a better way to get it faster. If you use Bland Queso to hunt in the plains, you will gather Mild Spice Leaves. Combined with yet more Bland Queso, you can craft Mild Queso. Use this bait at the quarry to attract mice that drop a lot more Nachore, and suddenly upgrading your pump doesn’t take as long!

Quick strategy tip: don’t waste your time with hundreds of hunts in a single area. In this region you are meant to gather handfulls and move on to the next area, tracking back and forth all the time. The goal is to upgrade the pump as quickly and efficiently as possible without getting stuck in one area for too long. Roughly 15 to 25 pieces of cheese per area should do the trick before it’s time to switch again. By the way, it really speeds up things if you use Magic Essence in the crafting recipes. A regular batch yields 3 pieces of cheese, Magic Essence can double that. My advice is to not be stingy here if you have the resources!

If you look at your pump upgrade table, you can see that there are big jumps in Nachore amounts between levels 3 and 4, and 6 and 7. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Mild Queso in the quarry until your pump is at level 3, and only then start using Medium Queso until you upgrade to level 6. The reason is that at low levels it simply takes too long to gather enough Bland Queso needed for crafting the spicier varieties. For example, it makes little sense to pump 2 Bland Queso per catch at level 2, but then wanting to craft several batches of Medium Queso when each batch requires 100 Bland Queso to craft it.

So there you go! Pump Bland Queso, use it in the plains to get spice leaves, eventually use spicier quesos in the plains to get even spicier queso varieties, and finally use those in the quarry to extract Nachore to upgrade your pump. Then start from the top.

Once your pump is at level 10, you can use the spiciest queso varities imaginable to track down the bosses of the areas. They will drop crafting materials needed to buy a base and new traps. Depending on what you already have, you may want to skip several of the traps, except you will absolutely want to get the Ember Prison Core Trap, since it is the best Law type trap in the game at this point. The Overgrown Ember Stone Base is also highly recommended, because it helps you in acquiring even more Bland Queso per hunt. And after all that is done, there is still reason to stay in this area and keep grinding away at the Nachore. It can be used to buy all sorts of goodies, some of which are incredibly useful in other areas, and some are ridiculously desireable, like Bait Keep and Ultimate Charms.

It is worth noting though that you will need lots of queso of all varieties for the upcoming Queso Geyser as well!

Happy hunting, and welcome to the grind!

* With enough Bland Queso, gather the amount of Nachore needed to upgrade your pump to level 2.
* With enough Mild Queso, gather the amount of Nachore needed to upgrade your pump to level 3.
* With enough Medium Queso, gather the amount of Nachore needed to upgrade your pump to level 4. Start over and upgrade to level 5, then 6.
* With enough Hot Queso, gather the amount of Nachore needed to upgrade your pump to level 7. Start over and upgrade to level 8, then 9.
* With enough Flaming Queso, gather the amount of Nachore needed to upgrade your pump to level 10.
* Hunt the boss mice.


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