6. Whisker Woods

Power Type: Physical (later Tactical)
Minimum Rank: 5journeymanJourneyman/Journeywoman (Calm Clearing) / 6masterMaster (Great Gnarled Tree) /
7grandmasterGrandmaster (Lagoon)
Minimum Recommended Trap: Swiss Army Mouse Trap
Objectives: Find the Lagoon Map Piece / Buy the Venus Mouse Trap


Calm Clearing
The Calm Clearing is the stepping stone to the deeper, darker parts of the Whisker Woods. Once you find the map piece and advance to the rank of Master, you‘ll be able to visit the Great Gnarled Tree.

But there’s another thing you can find here: Potions. There are many in the game, although only one particular potion at the Clearing. Those are not for you to brew, but you‘ll get them as loot drops from certain mice. The Cherry Potion is the only way to obtain Cherry Cheese, cherry cheesewith which you‘ll be able to attract the elusive Cherry Mouse. It is not vital that you do so, it‘s just there to show you what you can expect in the future. Potions take normal cheese that you buy in shops and transform them into different kinds of cheese. The rule is that the higher your rank is, the more cheese you can get out of a potion. Sometimes there are multiple choices of cheese to use with a potion. The more expensive a cheese type you use the potion with is, the more of the cheese the potion gives you will be produced.

Great Gnarled Tree
At the Great Gnarled Tree, you will encounter new mice, some of them fairly hard to catch at first. You will also be able to shop in new stores.

The interesting thing that is offered in the GGT Store is this: the first trap that is not of the Physical type. It‘s called the Venus Mouse Trap and is a Tactical Trap. Although you can hunt with a Physical Trap ivenus mousetrapn the Whisker Woods, most of the mice here are more vulnerable to Tactical Traps.

The Venus Mouse Trap is not cheap, but sooner or later you‘ll have to buy it anyway, because you‘ll need it in Furoma.
It can be improved if you convert it into a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap with a crafting component called Radioactive Sludge, which you should do right away.Fairy Mouse Watch out for the point requirements though!

With the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, the Great Gnarled Tree becomes a pretty profitable place to hunt. And at the same time, you can obtain Gnarled Potions here. Right now these are of little use to you, but in the future you will need to hunt with Gnarled cheese to obtain Wicked Gnarly Potions in the Lagoon.

Once you’ve reached the rank of Grandmaster, you can use either Gnarled or Wicked Gnarly Cheese to hunt in the Lagoon. Only the latter, however, will attract the rare and incredibly hard to catch Silth Mouse. Since successful hunting in the Lagoon will require having a strong Tactical or even Hydro Trap, I‘d advise against going there immediately, as there is nothing vital for story progression. Concentrate instead on advancing beyond the Mountain area and into the Burroughs region. Revisit the Lagoon once you own at least the Ambush Trap.

* Advance from the Calm Clearing to the Great Gnarled Tree.
* Buy the Venus Mouse Trap soon, and mutate it with Radioactive Sludge.
* Get the Map Piece for the Lagoon, but even if you hit Grandmaster, leave it for later (unless you really want to have a look).


2 responses to “6. Whisker Woods

  1. Nicholas

    January 25, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    “They sell regular cheeses here like they do in the Town of Gnawnia Store, but it is a bit more expensive. People usually travel back to the ToG to do their cheese shopping.”

    I think the prices are equalized now.

    • MozKa

      February 16, 2017 at 11:06 pm

      Thanks, I will have to check that soon and then update 🙂


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