3. Queso Geyser

Power Type: Draconic
Minimum Rank: 13countCount/Countess
Minimum Recommended Trap: Blazing Ember Spear Trap
Objectives: Get the Smoldering Stone Sentinel, Queso Fount Trap, and Gouging Geyserite Trap
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

The Queso Geyser is the final hunting ground in the Queso Canyon. Powerful dragon mice fly through the air to gather molten cheese shot towards the sky by the erupting geyser. Your job is to manipulate the geyser to lure the mice in reach of your trap. This place, like the other Queso Canyon hunting grounds, is open to hunters ranked Count/Countess. The map piece is available after you have caught Inferna, the Engulfed.

The geyser looks confusing at first, but it doesn’t take long to know what’s going on. You are supposed to gather cork and then stuff the geyser with it. Once stuffed, the molten queso inside can’t escape, and as a result pressure builds. Once the pressure is too much for the cork, the geyser erupts and the most powerful mice can be attracted.

You use the same types of cheeses that you hunted with in the other Queso Canyon areas. Better cheeses attract more rewarding mice in all three stages (gathering cork, building pressure, eruption hunts). Therefore, it is impossible to come up with an approach that will work for every single hunter. Which type of cheese you’ll use at what point depends on your preferences and your resources.

Stage 1: Gathering Cork
This is rather straight forward: catch mice and collect cork loot drops. Which cheese you’ll choose depends on what you’ve got in your inventory and how willing you are to use it to speed up the grind. Personally, I have found that Mild or Medium Queso is good enough for this stage. When gathering all the cork needed for an epic eruption, I may go with Hot Queso. A way to speed up this stage tremendously is to use one or two pieces of Wildfire Queso (ideally with Wild Tonic!). Baitkeep Charms may help you preserve this valuable cheese at this stage.

Stage 2: Building Pressure
Once you crafted a cork to stuff the geyser with, you need to build pressure. For this, you get a set number of hunts. The amount of pressure built per hunt depends on the breed you catch. Spicier cheeses attract mice that build more pressure. For smaller eruptions this can be handled with Mild or Medium Queso, large and epic eruptions need Hot or Flamin’ Queso. However, just like during the cork gathering stage, one or two pieces of Wildfire Queso can get the job done pretty much instantly! You will also find that after you have achieved your pressure building goal, any additional hunts you may have during this stage are skipped. That means you can really save time and cut this stage short.

You decide your approach and your speed at this stage. Just keep in mind that you have to meet a certain goal if you want to enjoy a certain level of eruption. If you opt for slow and steady, you can either start out a little spicier and then downgrade once you’re certain you will not fall short, or you can start mild and crank it up a notch later.

Stage 3: Geyser Eruptions
Once the geyser erupts, you can catch dragons to fill your nest with eggs. You will not be able to know what you loot before the eruption is over and it’s safe to open the eggs. Once more, spicier cheeses will attract tougher, more rewarding mice. My advice is to use at least Hot Queso during eruptions, and, if you can afford it, Flamin’ Queso. The exceptions are epic eruptions during which you will be able to attract the boss of the region, Kalor’ignis. This is the only type of eruption when Wildfire Queso can be used, and this is the time to use it! A powerful charm and some tonic is also recommended.

Once the eruption is over, the eggs can be cracked. If you have it, you may use nest dust before you open them, resulting in even more goodies. Depending on the mice you have caught, you will be rewarded with a variety of spicy leaves and a number of bland queso, the material to build the next stronger cork, and other crafting/shop items.

The region opens up the Fungal Cavern by providing you with the map piece, just like the Muridae Market. However, the main reasons to go here is because of the traps up for purchase. They may be expensive and difficult to get, but are highly desirable due to their incredible power!

* Loot cork.
* Stuff the geyser with a cork and build pressure.
* Catch powerful dragon mice during geyser eruptions.


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