3. King’s Gauntlet

Power Types: Physical / Tactical / Shadow / Arcane / Hydro / Forgotten
Minimum Rank: 9heroHero
Minimum Recommended Traps: Enraged Rhinobot / Zugzwang’s First Move / Clockapult of Time / Acronym Trap / Oasis Water Node Trap / Ancient Box Trap

burglar in action
Do you think that by now you have acquired a few powerful traps of several different power types?
See if you can make it all the way to top of the King‘s Gauntlet! There is nothing here compelling you to try, no rewards, no new areas to unlock … This is purely about bragging rights!

You’ve probably caught a Master Burglar mouse and have the Gauntlet map piece from the Cartographer in the Harbour since ages ago. Now put your traps to the test!

clockwork samuraiActually, the first few Tiers are not much of a challenge. Which is why it can‘t hurt to go through them when you‘re of a lower rank and have hit a phase where you have nothing better to do.
About the question remaining, “Does that ever happen?” … It coffee cuptier2

mozarella cheeseAt any rate, if you have MH friends that send you free daily gifts, you might have gathered a whole bunch of Mozzarella cheese just sitting there in your inventory. Tier 1 of the Gauntlet is the perfect place to use it. The mice of the first Tier are simply weak. You can catch them with anything. That information, combined with the comparatively low attraction rate of Mozzarella, will tell you that instead of maximizing power, a high attraction rate is of greater importance here. Arm your best setup for a high attraction rate and collect Tier 2 Cheese Potions from the Tier 1 mice.

Once you feel you have enough Potions for a go at the next squad of mice, change your setup. How much is “enough”? That is impossible to say. The Gauntlet is unpredictable. Of course, if you gather hundreds of thousands of Potions, you’ll probably reach the end! But smaller amounts … Who is to say how much is a guarantee? On the other hand, you could be incredibly lucky and get through with only a handful of each Tier’s cheese.lockpick

The mice of Tier 2 are most vulnerable to Physical traps. Since they are still somewhat weak, use your luckiest Physical setup.

The same goes for Tier 3, only instead of a Physical setup you use your luckiest Tactical setup.

Tactical is the way to go on Tier 4 as well. This is the point where you‘ll be needing a decent trap. If Ambush is still your best Tactical trap, I‘d advise you to wait before you tackle this Tier.ignisTier 5 mice are weak to Shadow traps. However, they‘re tough! A Portal trap just won‘t do here. Even Gorgon is not recommended. The Clockapult of Time, or better, should be used here, otherwise you’ll just waste precious resources. You may have to wait until after Fort Rox to come back.

The mice on Tier 6 are weak to Arcane traps, so Acronym or even the Droid Archmagus Trap is the way to go. However, due to the fact that they also have a weakness for Hydro traps, and depending on which traps you own, the Oasis or Phantasmic Oasis might be a better choice for you.

Phantasmic Oasis

The Oasis or Phantasmic Oasis should also be used on Tier 7 to defeat the mice that lurk there, or wait and go in with the Queso Fount Trap.

At last, Tier 8! Only one mouse to go for here, the Eclipse mouse. They are quite weak to Forgotten type traps. Even the Ancient Box Trap will be able to catch some, but by now you’ve probably already acquired a stronger Forgotten trap.

vet token

* Go from Tier to Tier to collect Potion loot drops to get the next Tier cheese type.
* Be sure to have acquired a powerful collection of traps before you tackle Tier 4 to 8.


2 responses to “3. King’s Gauntlet

  1. Afif Rizal

    July 13, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Mozka! I wanted to ask you when we’re in the tier 8, do you think i better used Cupcake Golem or Trex Trap? also for the base should i just go with the strongest one (spellbook) or the luckiest one (banana birthday base)?

    • MozKa

      July 14, 2019 at 12:34 pm

      The Golem has more power, but the T-Rex makes up for it with its luck stats. Same is true for Spellbook vs. Banana. You could go for a mix and use Golem/Banana, or T-Rex/Spellbook. Or you could max out power and go for Golem/Spellbook, or max out luck and go for T-Rex/Banana. Usually boss mice are more susceptible to power than they are to luck, so for bosses I’d recommend power. However, Eclipse is actually not that tough of a mouse (what’s tough is collecting the cheese to get to Tier 8, so the catch rate is rather good), and honestly any setup of the above will do the trick. Eclipse FTCs are rare, even with average traps. And the differences in catch rate between all of the above setups are probably marginal.

      Try the catch rate calculator to find out more!


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