5. Lost City

Power Type: Arcane
Minimum Rank: 12baronBaron/Baroness
Minimum Recommended Traps: Droid Archmagus Trap
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

Lost City
After you’ve gathered a number of Dewthief Petals (and inevitably a few Essences), you can move on. It actually doesn’t matter if you go to the Lost City or the Sand Dunes first, so pick whichever sounds nicer to you.dewthiefUse your Dewthief Petals in the Cheese Shoppe to acquire Dewthief Camembert. There are two options, one uses Magic Essence and yields 4 pieces of cheese for every 3 Petals, the other yields 1 piece of cheese for each Petal. You‘re a heavy donator? Go ahead, take the ME route. Otherwise don‘t, because this would get expensive very quickly.

Use your best Arcane trap and best Base. In the Lost City you collect Dreamfluff Herbs and more Essences.

garden hud 2

When you get to the Lost City for the first time, you‘ll notice the HUD telling you that there‘s something wrong and the City is cursed. No matter, you can break the curse by using your Essences to buy a Searcher Charm and use it to catch a mouse (any of them). Once you’ve done that, the curse will lift and the elusive Essence Collector Mouse will come out of hiding and can be caught. Like the Thirsty in the Living Garden it is pretty generous with Essences. The problem is that the curse can be re-ignited if you catch, or FTC, a Cursed Mouse. If that happens you‘ll have to buy another Searcher Charm and lift the curse all over again.

essence collector

Cursed City
Once you’re back from the Twisted Garden with some Graveblossom Camembert (for which you should, again, only use the Magic Essence method if you don‘t know what else to do with your SB+), hunt for Plumepearl Herbs. Gather numbers that are multiples of 3, if you can.graveblossom

Looking ahead: Ideally, you’ll be using the Magic Essence route for Lunaria Cheese. That makes it important to collect a balanced number, in multiples of 3, of both Plumepearl Herbs and Lunaria Petals (found in the Sand Crypts). These are both somewhat challenging to collect so, depending on how much Graveblossom you have, you might want to travel more between the City and the Crypts to keep the balance close to equal.

garden hud 5

The mini game is similar to the one in the Lost City, except that this time there are 3 curses that need to be dispelled. Each needs its own Charm: Bravery, Shine, and Clarity. Attract a Corrupt Mouse at any time and all the curses get re-ignited again. You do have a window of three Corrupt Mouse-free hunts after you’ve successfully dispelled all 3 curses. Only with all 3 curses clear, will you encounter Essence Guardians.

Dark Magi
Just like the Shattered Carmine and the King Scarab, the Dark Magi needs a Shattering Charm to be attracted. Additionally, all three curses must be cleared! Should the Corrupt Mouse restore the curses while you’re attempting to catch the Dark Magi, disarm your Shattering Charm and clear the curses again first.
The Dark Magi, together with King Scarab in the Sand Crypts and Shattered Carmine in the Twisted Garden, hold items necessary to craft the Rift Base.


* In the Lost City, use Dewthief Camembert to collect Dreamfluff Herbs.
* In the Cursed City, use Graveblossom Camembert to collect Plumepearl Herbs.
* Use Graveblossom Camembert and a Shattering Charm to catch the Dark Magi. Remember that all three curses must be cleared first!


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