6. Sand Dunes

Power Type: Shadow
Minimum Rank: 12baronBaron/Baroness
Minimum Recommended Trap: Interdimensional Crossbow Trap
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

Sand Dunes
Your objective here is to hunt for Duskshade Petals, and more Essences.

garden hud 3

Your progress is sped up by Grubling Stampedes. Those will be triggered randomly. When one starts you‘ll get a notice. When this is the case, you‘ll have 15 hunts during which you can attract Grublings. For that grubling chowyou‘ll have to arm Grubling Chow Charms. Get 15 and see how many Grublings you can catch.

Once a Stampede is over, go back to normal charms and wait for the next one to occur. That can happen at any time, might take 4 hours, might take only 2 hunts, who knows. So if you can, keep an eye on it.

Stampedes are pretty common. If you go in with around 100 pieces of cheese or more, you can probably count on witnessing close to a handful. And once one has started, you know what‘ll happen for the next 15 hunts and can plan accordingly.

grubling herder

Sand Crypts
In the Sand Crypts, you will want to equip Grubling Salt Charms while you hunt for Lunaria Petals. Like in the Cursed City, gather a number that‘s a multiple of 3, preferably the same number as you have Plumepearl Herbs.

garden hud 6

The goal of the mini game is to catch the King Grub Mouse. It first needs to be weakened by successful Grubling Salt Charm catches. You can theoretically catch the King Grub right from the start, but it‘ll be very tough, and not worth the effort Essence-wise. But you also don‘t have to fill up the Grub meter completely before going for that thing.

It is hard to say when the right moment to go for the King has arrived. Let me tell you about my personal experience. My first King Grub was caught on the third hunt with Scent Charms. I had used 20 Salt Charms prior to switching. My second King came after hunt #9, 20 Salt Charms again that time. The third one, again having used 20 Salt Charms, I hadn’t caught after 25 Scent Charms. After that experience I never went for it without having used 40 Salt Charms. It is very random, you might be lucky, you might not. If you feel lucky, arm a Grubling Scent Charm. These cost a C Essence each, so you probably won‘t buy a bunch at a time. Buy them singly and get a new one each time you FTC the King Grub.

King Scarab
Just like the Shattered Carmine and the Dark Magi, the King Scarab needs a Shattering Charm to be attracted. Additionally, you need to weaken it, just like you did with King Grub! I would go all the way to 50 for this one!
The King Scarab, together with Dark Magi in the Cursed City and Shattered Carmine in the Twisted Garden, hold items necessary to craft the Rift Base.

* Use Dewthief Camembert in the Sand Dunes to collect Duskshade Petals.
* Use Graveblossom Camembert in the Sand Crypts to collect Lunaria Petals.
* Use Graveblossom Camembert and a Shattering Charm to catch the King Scarab. Remember that you need to weaken it first by hunting with Grub Salt Charms!


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