1. Seasonal Garden

Power Type: Physical / Tactical / Shadow / Hydro
Minimum Rank: 11lordLord/Lady
Minimum Recommended Traps: Enraged Rhinobot / Horrific Venus Mouse Trap / Gorgon Trap / Steam Laser Mk. I
Objective: Get the 4 Key Shards and amp up to 150% / Acquire Zugzwang’s First Move
Recommended Area Progression Plan: Where Should I Go Next?

The Seasonal Garden is a very interesting area. Not only does it pass through its very own cycle (see the MH Timers website, link in the Useful Links Chapter), it also introduces a new feature into the game, which will play a big role in one of the upcoming areas.tanglefootHarvest HarrierJust as indicated by its name, the Seasonal Garden takes you on a journey through the seasonal changes of the year. Compared to real life, however, the seasons change a little faster: every 80 hours. Each Season features its own set of mice and these mice all have a specific weakness. First and foremost: every mouse in every season is vulnerable to Tactical traps. Mice in Summer have that weakness exclusively. Spring mice also have a weakness to Physical traps, Fall mice to Shadow traps and Winter mice to Hydro traps. These traps, if they have comparative stats to those of your best Tactical trap, are more effective in those Seasons.

spring keyYou will have to go through each season at least once to get each and every of the 4 Tower Keyfirebreather Shards. These are guarded by the toughest mice of each season. Once you got all the Key Shards, craft them into the Key to Zugwang’s Tower.

You may have noticed something else while hunting in the Garden: your Amplifier. This is a meter that gets charged by successfully catching mice in the Garden. But beware: FTAs set back your Amp by 3%. FTCs, however, don‘t effect your Amp. You can charge it to:

  • 150% at Lord/Lady rank
  • 160% at Baron/Baroness rank, and
  • 175% at Count/Countess rank.Bruticle

HotheadAs for the cheese you should use, Brie will maximize your profits, but slow down your Amp charging. Gouda does the opposite. Some donators gladly use SB+ here to not get any FTAs at all.

In the beginning your Physical and Tactical traps are usually somewhat more potent than your Shadow and Hydro Traps. That means especially newcomers to the Garden charge their Amp in Spring or Summer, less so in Fall or Winter. Once you’ve crafted the Tower Key and charged your Amp to 150% (normally you always go for as much % as you can get), the next chapter of Rodentia awaits.

Strategy Tip
Since four seasons are more than enough time to charge your Amp once, and you may find a Key Shard long before the season changes, my advice, in the interest of efficient time management, is to tackle some other goal while you wait for the season to change. A good use of your time, for example, would be to go to Claw Shot City and start collecting Fool’s Gold. That way you break up the monotony a little.

* Collect the Key Shard of each Season and craft the Tower Key.
* Fill up your Amp to 150%.


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