Competing in tournaments is completely optional, but if done right, they are great fun! If they aren’t, then you‘re not on a good team. And by good I don‘t mean successful, but talkative, entertaining, and generally friendly!

dapper mice

In tourneys you compete against teams formed by other players to catch specific mice that give specific points.

It is true that some tourneys favor those with the best traps and a lot of SB+, but there are tourneys where even lower ranked players can compete and have a decent chance to win. Just have a look at which mice give points in which tourney, you‘ll find something that suits you.

Form a team with some friends or try to join a team via the forums. There‘s a whole sub-forum about finding players for your team, and teams that are looking for trophy

This section is not meant to be a strategy guide for competing in tourneys. For one thing, working out strategies is half the fun. For another, many tourneys are highly luck based.
Nevertheless, in general:

  • It is a good idea to disarm your cheese at least 15 min. before a tourney starts, and to be sure that the tourney has started (and is not still “Starting…”) before you arm your bait.
  • Plan to synch, and strive to remain synched, with your teammates. The idea is that all team members are taken on hunts, together. This strategy works kind of like a safety net.
  • Also stay vigilant for King‘s Rewards, which can break a synch.

tourney hornFinally, it’s probably worth noting that when you are in a tourney only your team mates can take you on a hunt, no other MH friends in the same area will do so as long as that silver tourney horn appears.

Successful tournament team members are: prepared, disciplined, reliable.

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