Where Should I Go Next?

Over the last few years, the introduction of many new regions has often led to hunters asking themselves an important question: Which area should I tackle next?

In earlier hunting days, progression from one area to another was pretty linear and closely tied to rank progression. These days, moving up the rank ladder doesn’t take as long as it used to, and several regions at once open up with a new rank. It can get confusing.

This is why I figured I’d better make an overview and list the pros (+ means pro) and cons (- means con) that come with every decision (0 means neutral, neither a pro nor a con).

One more thing: You might rank up to the next rank before you can finish all the new areas of the previous rank. In that case you might want to reconsider and just move on, unless you still have something vital to unlock that you should not move on without.


11lordLord/Lady rank:

Up until the Tribal Isles, things are pretty self-explanatory. This rank, however, presents the hunter with three different paths to choose from.

Choice 1 – Seasonal Garden / Zugzwang’s Tower / Crystal Library:

+ Zugzwang’s First Move is, at that point, the best non-LE Tactical trap in the game. The next better one will come along in the Warpath.
+ These areas open the path to the Sandtail Desert. You can’t go to the Fiery Warpath without catching both Kings in Zugzwang’s Tower.
0 Library Assignments from the Crystal Library are the only way to obtain the Reaper’s Perch. However, I think people should skip it and instead go for the Interdimensional Crossbow Trap in Fort Rox.

Sidenote: I don’t recommend getting the Spellbook Base. It is not worth it for the trouble and the gold it costs.

Choice 2 – Claw Shot City / Gnawnian Express:

Since this is the first Law area of the game, you’ll be starting from scratch, trapwise, which makes the area initially pretty difficult. On top of it, I have also found hunting there to be very tedious.
+ However, after CSC you can board the Gnawnian Express, which is much more interesting and pretty good for farming gold.
+ It is also the only way to get to Fort Rox, which provides pretty essential traps!

Sidenote: I don’t recommend getting the Claw Shot Base. It is insanely tedious to gather enough Fool’s Gold (after being able to afford S.L.A.C. II you’ll know what I’m talking about), and you will want to save it for the Gnawnian Express instead. And since I recommend getting out of CSC as fast as you can, why would you invest in a base that can only be used in this location? So don’t bother 🙂

Choice 3 – Slushy Shoreline / Iceberg:

The Iceberg (and its precursor, the Shoreline) is a pure side quest that doesn’t offer anything vital for other areas. This makes it a very low priority.
On top of this, gathering all the crafting materials, especially in the Slushy Shoreline, is incredibly dull. Try to make this coincide with events to take advantage of free region specific stuff to minimize your hunting time here!
+ However, do get the Steam Laser Mk. I from the Shoreline! It’s easy enough and an improvement on the Ancient Spear Gun.

My (optional) advice for Lord/Lady rank:
Go to the Seasonal Garden and get the first Tower Key Shard. Then go to Claw Shot City and collect Fool’s Gold until the season in the Garden changes. Go back to get the next Key Shard, then return to CSC, and so on until you can enter the Tower. Unlock the Crystal Library and get everything from the Tower and the Library that you want/need. Then go back to unlock the Gnawnian Express and get S.L.A.C. II, and go for some train rides. Before you advance to the Warpath, get the Steam Laser Mk. I from the Slushy Shoreline. Don’t bother with the Iceberg until you have been to the Warpath or even Living Garden, then come back with a superior Hydro trap and finish the area at your own convenience.


12baronBaroness/Baron rank:

Choice 1 – Fiery Warpath / Muridae Market / Living Garden:

+ The Warpath/Muridae Market offers strong Tactical and Physical traps, the mighty MonstroBot (or at least the Sentinel), and the Sphynx Wrath. (However, you can skip all these in favour of the superior Gouging Geyserite Trap and Smoldering Stone Sentinel in Queso Geyser once you reach Count/Countess rank.) The area will also provide the Oasis Water Node Trap, which I recommend as the minimum for Living Garden and Iceberg.
+ Living Garden is where you can upgrade the OWN to the Phantasmic Oasis Trap, which I recommend as the minimum for the Sunken City. (Unless you want to wait and get the Queso Fount Trap from Queso Geyser, in which case you can skip the Phantasmic Oasis Trap.)
+ The Living Garden is the only way to get to the Rift areas.
+ The Muridae Market unlocks the Sunken City and the Hollow Heights region.
+ The Warpath is a very good area for farming gold.
However, the Living Garden is a gold sink.
+ The Living Garden provides the Rift Base, which is necessary if you want to get Fissure and ultimately Clockwork Base, which I recommend.

Choice 2 – Fort Rox:

This area is initially pretty tough, which can be frustrating.
+ However, it provides the Droid Archmagus and the Interdimensional Crossbow Trap, which I recommend as the minimum for the Living Garden areas.

My (optional) advice for Baroness/Baron rank:
Once you rank up and want to tackle the new areas, you may go about it in one of two ways: Either concentrate exclusively on Fort Rox first to get the two traps, then do Warpath, Market, and Garden; or see which trap loot your first Warmonger drops to plan your next steps, unlock the Market and the Garden, get the Oasis Water Node, and then go and get the traps from Fort Rox, before doing the Living Garden.


13countCount/Countess rank:

Choice 1 – Gnawnian Rift

Since it can be done relatively quickly, do the Gnawnia Rift immediately to get the first Rift trap for the upcoming Rift areas. This is comparatively easy and shouldn’t take too long.

Choice 2 – Sunken City

0 This area offers the School of Sharks Trap, one of the best Hydro traps in the game. However, I would advise you to skip it and go instead for the Queso Fount Trap in Queso Geyser.
+ By sheer entertainment value, Sunken City beats Queso Canyon by a mile! Diving through randomly generated underwater areas is a lot more fun than the endless, tedious grind that is Queso Canyon.
0 You may or may not get the Tidal Base. It’s not crucial.

Choice 3 – Queso Canyon

+ If so far you have missed out on a strong Forgotten type trap, the Scarlet Ember Root Trap is the next best thing and will make your first visit in the Fungal Cavern easier to tackle.
+ The Blazing Ember Spear Trap acquired here will help you in the fight against Ful’Mina once you have made it to Moussu Picchu.
+ The Ember Prison Core Trap is the strongest Law trap at this point of the game.
+ The Overgrown Ember Stone Base is incredibly strong. The next base to beat it won’t be available until the Whisker Woods Rift: the Fissure Base.
+ At the Queso Geyser you can get a very powerful Physical, Hydro, and Tactical trap: Smoldering Stone Sentinel, Queso Fount, and Gouging Geyserite. I suggest you make getting them a priority!
Queso Canyon is a passive area full of grind. If that sounds like your kind of thing, go nuts!

My (optional) advice for Count/Countess rank:
As I’ve said above, doing the Gnawnian Rift first should be fairly self-evident. After that, it pains me to say, but I think you should go to Queso Canyon first. Even though the Sunken City is much more interesting (apart from gathering Oxygen), the base and traps available in the Queso Canyon are far more useful than the School of Sharks Trap (to the point where the Queso Fount Trap made it obsolete)! So I would advise you to go to Queso Canyon and get all the great taps there. You can tackle the Sunken City later, once you have Queso Fount. As far as gold farming goes, I’d say the two areas are comparable.


14dukeDuchess/Duke rank:

Choice 1 – Burroughs Rift / Whisker Woods Rift:

+ The Burroughs Rift is an excellent gold farming area.
+ You will want to get one of the Crystal Lasers.
+ The Fissure Base is pretty awesome, and it’s a requirement for the Clockwork Base, so I recommend getting it.
Apart from the Fissure Base, there is very little left that would make the Whisker Woods Rift recommendable. It feels more like a sidequest.

Choice 2 – Fungal Cavern / Labyrinth & Zokor:

+ While the Fungal Cavern is pretty tedious and just a stepping stone kind of area, the Labyrinth and Zokor offer a very strong Forgotten, Shadow, and Arcane trap, as well as the Minotaur Base, all of which I recommend you acquire.
+ Labyrinth and Zokor are also decent gold farming areas.

My (optional) advice for Duchess/Duke rank:
Definitely get one of the Crystal Lasers from the Burroughs Rift first. Then you can either work towards the Fissure Base or skip it entirely and concentrate on the Labyrinth and Zokor instead to acquire all the traps and the Mino Base there.


15granddukeGrand Duke/Grand Duchess rank:

Choice 1 – Furoma Rift / Bristle Woods Rift:
Rift Detector
The Furoma Rift offers the MYNORCA Trap, which I recommend as the minimum for the Bristle Woods Rift.
+ Once you have acquired the Enerchi Induction Base and upgraded it to Attuned Enerchi Induction Base, the place becomes a very good farming ground for both gold and points.
Farming Enerchi is tedious, especially in the beginning. Enerchi Charms help!
+ The Bristle Woods Rift is highly entertaining (at least I think so), and you can get the Timesplit Dissonance Trap and the Clockwork Base, which I recommend as the minimum for the Valour Rift.

Choice 2 – Moussu Picchu
+ In Moussu Picchu you can get the Storm Wrought Ballista Trap and then upgrade it to the Dragon Slayer Cannon, one of which (ideally the latter) I recommend as the minimum for the Floating Islands.
The trap loot needed from Ful’Mina, her teeth, come down to sheer luck and perseverance. However, you can exchange other loot for them, and catching many Ful’Minas is fairly simple.
+ Moussu Picchu provides access to the Floating Islands area.

My (optional) advice for Grand Duke/Grand Duchess rank:
Do Furoma and Bristle Woods Rift first so you are ready for the Valour Rift. You could even do Valour Rift before you go to Moussu Picchu if you rank up in time. After you’re done with the Rift, do Moussu Picchu, and once you are ready and prepared, tackle the Floating Islands.


16archdukeArchduchess/Archduke rank:

Choice 1 – Valour Rift:
+ The Valour Rift offers the Celestial Dissonance Trap, the strongest Rift Trap at this point of the game. You can also acquire the Prestige Base and upgrade it to make even the Mino and upcoming Adorned Empyrean Refractor Base obsolete!
This area can be fairly resource-intensive.

Choice 2 – Floating Islands:
Here you can acquire the S.T.I.N.G.E.R. Trap (Law), the Thought Oblitorator Trap (Forgotten), the Circlet of Pursuing Trap (Arcane), and the Slumbering Bolder Trap (Tactical), all of which are the strongest traps of their respective power types at this point of the game.
0 You may or may not want to get the Adorned Empyrean Refractor Base. The Prestige Base can be upgraded so as to make the Refractor Base obsolete.
0 You will need to hunt here for a long time! It’s a grind, but the mechanics are fun. Some will love this area, some will hate it.

My (optional) advice for Archduchess/Archduke rank:
Do the Valour Rift first. Get the Prestige Base, then upgrade it to the point that, combined with a low level Rift charm, it overpowers both Mino and Refractor Base paired with a powerful charm (like Ultimate Ancient). Then go through Moussu Picchu, if you haven’t already, and get the Dragon Slayer Cannon. Now you are ready for the Floating Islands.


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